5 Reasons Ductless AC & Heat is Better



5 reasons ductless ac and heat is betterThere are more than 5 reasons ductless AC & Heat is better than a central air system. However, this article might be too long to read if we listed them all. We asked five ductless mini split experts here at Magic Touch Mechanical to choose one, and here’s what they said:





The Number One Reason Ductless AC & Heat is Better

Exact Comfort

Ductless AC & Heating systems utilize a variable-speed inverter compressor to consistently provide the exact temperature & humidity you set. When combined with an independent air handler for each room, every room (zone) can be set to its own temperature. No more hot rooms / cold rooms, and no more “thermostat wars” means everyone gets their perfect “exact comfort” level.

Contributed by: Mike Berryhill. Comfort Advisor, Magic Touch Mechanical


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The Number Two Reason Ductless AC & Heat is Better

Much More Efficient

Ductless mini-split AC & Heat is better than a conventional HVAC system from an overall efficiency standpoint. Yes, they have very high SEER ratings*, EER ratings*, & HSPF ratings*, but there’s another less obvious reason.

Cool/Heat Only Occupied Rooms

Only having to condition rooms in your home or office building that are occupied means lower energy use – lower bills! The easiest way to understand this is by considering how traditional central air works. One air handler connected to a duct system provides heating and air to many rooms at once. Ductless AC & Heating units allow unoccupied rooms to have their own separate setting.

  • Example: One 3-ton central air conditioner will use all 3-tons of energy to cool every room in the house. It’s cooling these rooms whether they need to be or not.

In contrast, with a ductless mini split AC unit, every room gets its own control (thermostat). If unoccupied rooms are set to a higher temperature, or even completely off, it may only use 1-ton of energy.

Contributed by: Ty Sharp. BPI Certified Building Analyst / Energy Auditor, Magic Touch Mechanical


  • SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) – Like miles per gallon, the higher the SEER rating the better the cooling efficiency.
  • EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) – Similar to SEER, except SEER is a measurement of how efficient an air conditioner is during the summer cooling season. EER is an annualized measurement of how efficient an AC system is.
  • HSPF (Heating Season Performance Factor) – HSPF is the measured efficiency of a heat pump during the winter heating season. Like SEER, and EER, the higher the number, the less the unit costs to operate.


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The Number Three Reason Ductless AC & Heat is Better

Less Capacity Needed = More Energy Savings

Choosing the right size air conditioner and heating system for a home requires performing a load calculation. A load calculation factors in all of the places the home will gain or lose heat. In extremely hot climates like Phoenix, AZ., air ducts in attics and wall chases have very high heat gain.

This heat gain will often result in the need for 1-2 tons of additional capacity to overcome the energy loss. HVAC contractors refer to this as duct loss.

By eliminating the need for air ducts, we eliminate 100% of the duct loss. As a result, a smaller tonnage air conditioning system will provide the same amount of cooling and better airflow. Smaller air conditioners equal lower utility bills!

Contributed by: Rick Barrow. Field Operations Manager, Magic Touch Mechanical


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The Number Four Reason Ductless AC & Heat is Better

Improved Air Quality / Less Dust

Often overlooked and understated by many HVAC experts, ductless mini split’s deliver cleaner air than ducted systems. Leaky air duct returns act like a giant vacuum. They suck dirty attic & wall chase air into your equipment and circulate that air right into your home. This is the air we’re breathing.

Attic space is a very dusty environment which explains why many workers wear dust masks when working in one. We don’t wear dust masks when we’re cooking, sleeping, or watching TV in our homes so our lungs are inhaling that dust.

By eliminating the ductwork, we eliminate one of the largest sources of dust and contaminants in the air we breathe.

Contributed by: Rich Morgan. Founder & President, Magic Touch Mechanical


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The Number Five Reason Ductless AC & Heat is Better

Better Reliability / Longer Lifespan

By design, ductless AC & heat systems use less components which are a common cause of failure in central air units. For example, the variable speed inverter driven compressor doesn’t need a capacitor or hard-start device – two components requiring regular replacement.

The most common cause of electrical component failure is heat. Heat is something we have plenty of in Arizona! With less components to fail, mini split ductless air conditioners & heat pumps have less break-downs than conventional units.

Mini split ductless AC & heat units also outlive their ducted counterparts. We can use the Magic Touch Mechanical office building in Mesa, AZ as a prime example of this. Our building uses multiple types of HVAC systems for central heating & cooling. We have packaged rooftop heat pumps, split heat pumps, and ductless mini-splits.

Our ductless mini split AC system has outlasted every other unit in our building – and required less repairs as well. In fact, one of our ductless air conditioners has been in service for 15-years. It was even relocated at one point in time from one building to another. In that time, it’s only needed one minor repair!

Contributed by: Michele Morgan. Co-Owner & Certified Master Heat Pump Technician, Magic Touch Mechanical


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Magic Touch Mechanical has installed thousands of air conditioning and heating systems throughout the Phoenix area over the last 22+ years. We install all types of HVAC systems from multiple manufacturers, and in all types of applications.

In some cases, conventional ducted central air systems make more financial or aesthetic sense. In others, mini-split ductless systems are the better choice. It’s becoming more and more common for our customers to choose a little of both in many homes.

One thing is for certain, everyone who owns a ductless unit absolutely raves about how great it is. They are quiet, efficient, reliable, and can be very discreet. There’s a reason these units are more common than central air in places like Asia, Europe and the Middle East. In fact, we just named 5 of them!


Interested in Ductless AC & Heat for Your Home?

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