Why You Shouldn’t Search – Air Conditioner Repair Near Me

There are a lot of air conditioning companies in Phoenix, AZ to choose from. Search Google using the term “Mesa air conditioner repair” or “Scottsdale air conditioning company” and you will get over a half million results!

Now we all know there aren’t really that many HVAC Contractors in Mesa, Scottsdale, and Phoenix combined…in fact, there are only a few thousand in the whole State of Arizona. But even a couple thousand are a lot to choose from, and knowing who to choose is the hardest, but also most important decision when it comes to the care of the most vital and expensive appliances in your home.

Every AC Company has text in their listing like; “#1 in Arizona”, “Most trusted in Phoenix”, “Top rated in AZ” or something similar, so how do you know? 


The best way to choose the best heating and cooling company is to not wait until you need one!

When it’s 100+ degrees outside and your AC stops working, you may find yourself typing in search terms that are a little more desperate like; “emergency ac repair” or “24-hour air conditioning company”. Running an HVAC business for almost 20-years, and knowing a thing or two about internet marketing, I can tell you there’s no doubt these are high-value keywords. Indeed, it’s no accident they are “peppered” into this article…after all, if you live in our service area my goal is to make you a Magic Touch Mechanical customer!

So assuming you came across this article because you are looking for a business like ours for a reason (and hoping the reason you haven’t already called the phone number in the upper right corner is because you don’t live in AZ), here’s how to make sure you choose wisely.

Rule #1 – Don’t panic!

A decent hotel room can be much less expensive than calling an AC company to show up at 11pm, only to get gouged by an unscrupulous service technician looking to make money on your desperation. Even if you decide to tough it out, by turning off unnecessary lights, turning on ceiling fans and taking a cold shower or two, you’re better off doing a little research and choosing wisely by making a good choice by morning…it just might save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars.

So here’s what to do:

  • Start with a review service like the Better Business Bureau, Angie’s List or Kudzu. This is the fastest way to narrow it down to three or four companies that service your area. Look for companies that have A+ Ratings with the BBB, are A Rated by Angie’s List (and have won Angie’s List Super Service Awards), and/or have 5-Stars on Kudzu.
  • Once you have chosen your three or four top air conditioning companies, check their contractor licenses. Most states have a state agency that all contractors are regulated by, for example in Arizona the agency that regulates licensed contractors is the Arizona Registrar of Contractors. Have they been licensed for a long time or are they new to the industry? Many companies claim in their advertising; “Twenty years in business”, but then you find a license that was issued last year! Also check that they don’t have a history of complaints filed against them.
  • Look at your top two choices websites side by side. Do they both have equal credentials? Do they have NATE Certified Technicians, are they members of ACCA (Air Conditioning Contractors of America), are they BPI Certified? You probably don’t even know what all these certifications mean, but a company with lots of industry credentials, most likely means their HVAC Techs are well trained.
  • Next, read through some of the reviews their customers have written about them. What does the majority have to say? A word of caution here – with the anonymity of the internet, it’s easy for some people to get carried away with a negative review. Someone with an axe to grind like a terminated employee, or even a competitor may post false reviews. And on the flip side of the coin, it’s not too difficult for the bad guys to “stack the deck” with fake positive reviews. Take your time on this part and use common sense.

At Magic Touch, we take things a step further to make sure we are pleasing our clients! Not only do we have stellar reviews and ratings on all the sites listed in the first step, we just received our 250th customer review on Recommend-Me!

Recommend-Me is a “real-time” customer review site that allows people to post a positive or negative review immediately (even while the tech is still at their home should they choose). Their review shows up not only on the review site itself, but also on the home page of the company website.

In other words, we have to make sure we provide great service at a fair price…or suffer the consequences for the whole world to see! Companies like Recommend-Me protect the integrity of their own reputation by not allowing companies to remove negative reviews, and they verify all reviews are legitimate by verifying the reviewers cell phone number via SMS (texting) amongst other ways.

  • By this point you should have narrowed down your selection to the top two. After all you’ve got a broken down air conditioner in need of repair right?
  • Finally, check their coupons and specials web pages and see if they are running any deals that will save you some money. Last word of caution here – a really cheap service special isn’t necessarily the best deal. SOME Heating & Air Conditioning Companies are notorious for luring people in with marketing campaigns promising cheap or even free services, only to charge you way more than fair market value so YOU can cover those expensive marketing budgets. Is there a company in your area that has a TV Commercial showing every time you turn on the tube, or a billboard on every other corner?

If you need air conditioning repair or service within thirty-five miles of Mesa, AZ., you can save yourself some time by contacting Magic Touch Mechanical right now. If not, following these steps should make the difference between getting the job done right for a fair price, or getting screwed! Happy searching and keep your cool (pun intended)!