5 Ways to Handle the Heat if Your AC Fails

It’s the worst-case-scenario for any home in Phoenix during yet another sweltering summer day: an AC that either stops working entirely or which will no longer send out cooled air. After you’ve checked to make sure that the problem doesn’t come from a tripped circuit breaker, an incorrectly set thermostat, or other simple trouble, you’ll have to find a method to deal with the intense heat in your home. Below are 5 of the best ways:

  1. Call our repair technicians! Once you know that your air conditioner needs repairs, don’t hesitate calling our trained HVAC team. They will get to you fast to take care of whatever fixes are necessary. After you’ve contacted us, you can start to look for ways to stay cool until we arrive.
  2. Create an evaporative cooler with this simple hack: Evaporative cooling is a way to lower the temperature of the air by running it over cold water or ice so that it loses heat. The simplest way to rig up an evaporative cooler is to place a bowl of ice cubes in front of a fan. This will help immensely at keeping a small area of the house cool.
  3. Place wet sheets over the windows: This is one of the oldest methods of cooling down a building. The Ancient Egyptians did something similar by hanging wet reeds over windows. The evaporative cooling power removes heat from the air that comes indoors.
  4. Close shutters and shades on windows facing the sun: Radiant heat from the sun will rapidly cause temperatures indoors to spike. Keep windows on the west or east side of your home shuttered or shaded.
  5. Cool off your body: Staying comfortable in hot weather isn’t only about seeing that the air around you is cool. It’s also about keeping your body cool. You can do this by taking a lukewarm shower (which also removes sweat and dirt that trap heat in your body) and drinking plenty of ice drinks.

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