What Brand Do Phoenix AC Company Owners Put In Their Own Home?

Do I Really Even Need Central Heating Near Phoenix, AZ?

Having a broken central heating unit in Phoenix, AZ might not sound like a big deal to people that live in other parts of the country where temperatures are below freezing right now, but anyone that lives near Phoenix knows we really need our heat right now.

It’s currently 45 degrees Fahrenheit at 10am, January, 26th near Mesa, AZ, and the highest temperature we’ve seen this week so far was 55F. Last night the temperature got down to the mid 30’s. So yes, it gets cold in the desert!

If you read my blog regularly, you know that I’ve owned Magic Touch Mechanical, a heating and air conditioning company in Mesa, AZ for the last twenty years. I have a large fleet of HVAC service and installation vehicles well stocked with ac repair and install parts, and operated by certified Master Heat Pump Technicians, at my disposal. Suffice to say, I can get a nonfunctional central heating and cooling system repaired or replaced very quickly! 


Why Does the Owner of a Successful HVAC Company Have No Heat in Mesa, AZ?

Last week during a storm we experienced a power surge at my Mesa home and my trained ear heard an awful sound that I knew right away meant certain doom for my ten-year-old Trane rooftop package heat pump. A sound that could’ve easily been avoided had I gotten around to installing the AC unit surge protector sitting on my work bench in the garage (you know the story about the cobbler’s son’s shoes) – but that’s for another blog post.

Any doubt I had that my ears were playing tricks on me were soon confirmed by my nose when I could smell the distinct aroma of burnt electrical components. The surge not only fried a good portion of the electrical components in my AC unit, it also killed my AC compressor, and fried the delicate electronics in my 2nd generation NEST thermostat. It took about an hour to clear the burnt electronics stench from my house!

When the rain stopped, I threw up my ladder to assess the damage (already knowing this was not going to be pretty). When I opened up the electrical panel on the old Trane air conditioner and saw that every relay, the contactor, and fifty-percent of the wiring was toast, my first thought was – what model heat pump am I replacing this unit with?

Ten years is on the early end of replacing a rooftop package heat pump but it’s the time when I recommend people start thinking about it and budgeting for it. Repairing this unit, while possible, wouldn’t be the advice I would give a client, so as the saying goes, “practice what you preach”, I knew the time had come to replace the old gal!

Magic Touch is an authorized factory dealer for multiple air conditioning and heating equipment manufacturers including; Trane, Lennox, Goodman and Mitsubishi, so just as we make sure our clients have plenty of options to choose from – I have my pick of the bunch. And while I personally own equipment from each (I own rental properties as well as the commercial property where the Magic Touch offices and warehouse reside), I’m waiting for one particular model to arrive that’s brand new to the market.


Phoenix HVAC Contractor Chooses Lennox For His Own Home

I’ve chosen to replace my Trane package heat pump with the new Lennox LRP16HP (which is so new it’s not even on the Lennox website as of yet).

Don’t get me wrong, Trane, Goodman, and Mitsubishi all manufacture some great machines these days, and I’d be comfortable installing any one of them on my home – like I said I already own some of each and they’ve all proven reliable. Not to mention, while Magic Touch is certainly not the largest air conditioning company near Phoenix, AZ – we install a lot of HVAC units, so every manufacturer listed would be more than happy to make sure I get a great deal as the owner of such a reputable company and a good client of each. They all know where their “bread gets buttered” as the saying goes.

Full disclosure: The Lennox Phoenix Dealer Sales Office rep. did make me an offer I couldn’t refuse because we buy a ton of Lennox units, however any of the others would’ve certainly done the same had I asked.


Heating With Space Heaters In The Meantime

For the last week, I’ve been using space heaters to heat my home. While I don’t live in a McMansion, I do have three-stories (two-stories and a finished basement) to heat, and some large rooms including a living room with an eighteen-foot vaulted ceiling – in other words the space heaters aren’t exactly keeping the home super cozy on 30 degree nights!

Luckily, Magic Touch Mechanical is also one of the premier energy efficiency / home performance contractors in Phoenix so I’ve made sure my home is very energy efficient and can retain the heat produced by the space heaters for a long time – I’ve covered home performance energy improvements in many other posts if you’re interested in finding out more about making your home energy efficient.

Since I ultimately chose Lennox, and could most likely get a smoking deal on any model I chose, I very easily could have chosen the Lennox LRP14HP. That model is Lennox’s 14 SEER packaged heat pump which is available right now, and I wouldn’t have had to spend even one night without central heating. Here’s why I decided on Lennox and why I’ve decided to wait specifically for the Lennox LRP16HP:

  1. In the nine years Magic Touch Mechanical has been a Lennox Premier Dealer, one thing I’ve noted and greatly respect about this manufacturer is; they never rush a product to market before thoroughly testing it. So, without even having seen one with my own eyes yet, I’m confident the quality will be top-notch.
  1. We have sold many LRP14HP’s in the last few years. This is a well-built, excellently designed, quiet, and reliable product, and our clients who own them consistently have a high opinion of them even after they’ve owned them for a number of years. The LRP16HP is ultimately the new and improved version of this model.
  1. Lennox stands behind their products. On the infrequent occasion we’ve had premature component failures with Lennox products, they’ve always made things right, and quickly. This is important to me if I’m recommending a product to my clients, so it’s equally important to me for my own home. Mechanical equipment fails, it’s just the nature of things – it’s important to know the manufacturer will be there when you need them long after the check has cleared!
  1. I’m in the business of helping people improve the energy efficiency of their home. The Lennox LRP16HP is tied with only a few other models on the market in having the highest efficiency rating you can get in a package rooftop heat pump. Again I find myself in a position of wanting to practice what I preach and installing the highest efficiency I can on my own home – and you can bet this time that surge protector sitting on my workbench will be installed on day one!

Lennox LRP16HP Specifications

How does the Lennox Package Heat Pump perform with regards to efficiency?

  • Efficiency ratings of up to 16.00 SEER, 12.00 EER, and 8.20 HSPF

SEER or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (Rating) is to air conditioning efficiency what MPG or Miles Per Gallon is to a car. The higher the number the more efficient the air conditioner is. 16 SEER is currently the most efficient package heat pump on the market.

EER or Energy Efficiency Ratio (Rating) is the same as SEER but is the total efficiency rating throughout the year as opposed to only the cooling season. This is an important number that all homeowners should ask for when comparing air conditioning units. 12.00 is a very high EER.

HSPF or Heating Season Perfromance Factor is a similar efficiency rating used to describe how efficient a heat pump is in the heating season. 8.20 HSPF is extremely efficient. 

  • ENERGY STAR Certified

We all recognize the blue Energy Star label on home appliances nowadays, Energy Star Certification for central air conditioners means they also meet or exceed the US Department of Energy’s stringent standards for high efficiency. 

  • CEE Tier II energy-efficiency ranking may qualify customers for federal tax rebates

Check with your tax advisor for further clarification.

  • Continuous low-stage operation delivers even temperatures and improved humidity control

The 2-stage or (two speed) compressor installed in the new Lennox LRP16 means your compressor uses less energy in the cooling season by running at a lower speed when maximum output isn’t needed. This compressor can kick things into high gear when needed on extremely hot days and during the hottest part of the day.


Is the Lennox LRP16 quiet?

While I haven’t actually heard the heat pump yet, I have heard the gas-pack model of this same unit, and yes, it’s very quiet indoors and outdoors. Here are the manufacturers printed decibal ratings and features which reduce noise:

  • Decibal ratings as low as 71dB

Normal conversation is considered to be around 60dB. A typical toilet flush is around 75dB. Live rock music about 110dB. For the purposes of this article, let’s just say that you wouldn’t have to shout to talk to a person next to you while standing right next to this unit. Lennox is credited for manufacturing some of the quietest air conditioners on the market today. 

  • Scroll compressor and internally mounted fan ensure quiet operation

The component selection, both where and how they are located in, and to, the cabinet tell this HVAC veteran lot’s of thought was put towards making this unit as quiet as possible in the design stages. Another reason I chose this unit for my own home.

  • Variable-speed fan delivers consistent and balanced air flow

The indoor fan (also called the blower motor) equipped in the LRP16HP is not only ten-times more efficient than a standard PSC blower motor in many modern central air conditioners, it also delivers more even airflow throughout the duct system and home…quietly.


Lennox LRP16HP Review

Our air conditioner reviews and side-by-side product comparisons have long been amongst our most popular blog posts, so you can be sure my Lennox LRP16HP package heat pump review will be posted after we get it installed. Be sure to search “Lennox LRP16HP” in the search box at the top right of our blog page.

If you live in Phoenix, AZ or nearby cities and are interested in Lennox air conditioners or any of the other products and services we offer, give us a call today and let us know how you found us. Our friendly customer service representatives will be happy to assist you!