What Is a Radiant Barrier and How Is It Used?

Even when the temperature drops here in Phoenix, AZ, the sky is still frequently clear and the sun pressed down on us. If you’re outside, walking along asphalt when the sun is shining, you’ll feel waves of heat coming from below you. That’s radiant heating, one of the three ways that heat moves. (The other two are conduction and convection.)

We’re bringing up this bit of science to start to answer questions people have about radiant barriers. You may have heard about radiant barriers for homes and wondered exactly what they are, and if they’re something useful.

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The Radiant Barrier at Work

The simple explanation is that a radiant barrier is type of reflective insulation, which means that it reflects radiant energy away from a space. Where other types of insulation, such as fiberglass batts and blown-in insulation, slow down the movement of heat through convection and conduction, the radiant barrier takes cares of stopping radiant energy—such as the sun beating down on the roof of a house.

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But how does this actually benefit your home? All that sunlight on your roof radiates into the attic and into upper areas of a home—and it can get roasting hot, even for Phoenix. On even a moderately warm day, the attic temperature through radiant heat can raise the temperature above 120°F. And on a hot day, the temperature can reach 140°F!

This is an immense heat sink that will spread to the rest of the house, making it much harder to keep cool. A proper radiant barrier keeps this heat from getting into the attic in the first place—and makes the job of maintaining a pleasant home easier and much less expensive.

Everybody loves radiant barriers

Radiant barriers first started to become popular in the U.S. in the 1940s. It was at this point that aluminum barriers with high reflectivity became affordable options. Millions of square miles were installed in the U.S. alone during this time. Along with their use in buildings, radiant barriers are also part of the military (they help shield objects from heat-seeking weapons), space exploration, and the textiles industry.

That’s a tremendous amount of power easily available to your house. It only takes working with our professionals to benefit from a radiant barrier in Scottsdale, AZ.

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