Heating and Cooling Tax Credits Extended for 2016!

Did you know that the government offers you savings on many of home improvements? Tax rebates for energy efficienct HVAC systems offer you even more ways to cut down on your comfort costs for the year.

Reasons That a Pool Heat Pump May Be Right for You

If you have a swimming pool for your home in Phoenix, AZ, you can enjoy warm temperatures from it during much of the year thanks to the radiant heat from the sun itself. But a luxury like a pool is something you should enjoy throughout the year, as well as during warm nights when the sun isn’t around to heat up the pool to comfortable levels. With a pool heater installed, you will always have your swimming pool at a relaxing temperature.

Does My Heat Pump Need Repair?

Heat pumps are pretty unique as far as heating systems go, which means that it can be hard to tell if one needs repairs or not. They have no pilot lights to check, no burner assembly, no other familiar parts that can be easily examined to tell if there’s a problem. Fortunately, you can still […]