Some Tips for Energy Savings This Coming Cooling Season

When you live in a climate such as ours, going without air conditioning is unthinkable. To achieve energy savings, many homeowners try to hold off on using their AC as long as possible. But with weather already in the 80s, you won’t be able to do this much longer. Plus, there are better ways to save energy, and money, without sacrificing your comfort. We’ve shared a few tips below on how to keep your bills and energy consumption as low as possible.

Have Your System Regularly Maintained

Routine AC maintenance helps fend off smaller problems before they become larger ones that affect the efficiency of your system. Cleaning and maintaining your AC system could reduce your bills by as much as 30%.

Replace Your Air Filters

Your air filters protect the inside components of your HVAC system, keeping it running effectively and efficiently. Experts recommend that you change your air filters monthly, or at least every three months.

Adjust the Thermostat at Night

You don’t require the same level of conscious cool when you are sleeping at night. Try adjusting your thermostat so the level of cooling is not quite as low.

Pay Attention to Lighting

You may be surprised by how much heat your typical light fixtures add to your home. Additionally, open blinds and curtains let the radiant heat in as well, naturally heating up your home and causing your AC to cycle on. Turn off lights that don’t need to be on and close curtains in rooms you aren’t occupying.

Use Ceiling Fans

While ceiling fans will not reduce the temperature in your home, they provide a significant cooling effect. Using it alongside your air conditioner will help you feel cooler faster, and will allow you to turn your thermostat up a few degrees.

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