Should I Have Solar Shade Screens Installed?

Arizona residents are no strangers to the heat of summer. In addition to ensuring you’re well equipped with a high-efficiency, functioning air conditioner, you likely are looking for ways to save even more energy and thus save money. Your HVAC costs can actually account for about half of all your energy costs, so this is only natural. That being said, have you considered installing solar shade screen?

What Is a Solar Shade Screen?

Also called a solar sunscreen, a solar shade screen is made of a special material that blocks radiant heat from the sunlight and ultraviolet rays. Solar shade screens offer numerous benefits over standard drapes, blinds, or other window coverings. Because they are installed on the exterior of the window, they block significantly more heat than window tint and films do. Sunscreens block all three forms of heat transfer (Convective, Conductive, & Radiant) BEFORE it can enter the home.

Solar shade screens are  available in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and colors to best suit your home and personal style. Our expert technicians and installers can custom build these screens to cover arches, circles, and more. We can even build shade slider screen doors and large stationary panels for those homes with large glass arcadia doors.

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What Are the Benefits?

One of the main advantages of solar shade screens is that they reduce your indoor temperature during the day. They are the most effective product on the market today in minimizing the transfer of heat indoors, as well as the glare from sunlight. As a result, due to the fact that sunscreens do an excellent job of keeping the heat out of your home all day, the temperature at night is decreased as well. While this of course will not eliminate the need for air conditioning, it will allow you to decrease the demand on your AC system, which means less run-time for your air conditioner.

Solar shade screens also help protect your furniture and other equipment by blocking the direct glare from the sun and filtering out ultraviolet light. When it comes to furniture, you will likely find that your upholstery lasts longer and is more resistant to fading. Plus, electrical appliances that may be in the sun’s direct path will be less likely to overheat.

One final benefit of solar shade screens is that unlike blinds or curtains, you can get your sunscreens in materials that still keep the sun and heat out, but still provide a clear view of the outside.

Are There Any Shade Screen Rebates?

SRP (Salt River Project) customers will receive utility rebates of $0.80 per square foot for solar shade screens installed on sun-struck windows on South, West, and East facing windows and doors. To qualify for SRP solar shade screen rebates, they must be installed by a SRP Certified Contractor like Magic Touch Mechanical. We take care of all the rebate processing for you!

Why Should I Use Magic Touch Mechanical?

When you hire Magic Touch Mechanical to install your solar shade screens you get the best quality frames, screen material and hardware money can buy, backed by a 10/5 warranty. We are so confident in the grade of materials we choose, that your new screens will be backed by a 10-Year Warranty and the frames come with a 5-Year Warranty.

We use 1″ thick frames that are twice as thick and strong as the frame material sold by the big box stores. The screen material we use is almost impossible to tear, whereas the material sold in stores can be easily torn.

Will It Block My View Outside?

No. One of the added benefits of solar shade screens is the privacy it gives you. You can see out of your windows very well, but people standing outside will not be able to see in!

For solar screen installation in Glendale, AZ, contact Magic Touch Mechanical today.