Why You Should Schedule Regular Duct Testing and Sealing

If you’ve noticed that your home’s HVAC system, both the heater and the air conditioner, are costing much more to run than before, one of the likely causes is a loss of integrity inside the ducts of the ventilation system. When you’re suspicious of leaky air ducts, you should arrange for duct testing services from HVAC professionals, who will then find out if you need to have the ducts sealed to restore their air tightness.

However, even if you haven’t noticed any specific warning signs that you have ducts in need of attention, you should still have duct testing scheduled every few years as a precaution.

How regular duct testing benefits you

How well can you see the ductwork of your ventilation system? Not well at all: most of it is hidden behind drywall, in the ceilings, and up in the attic. It’s difficult to tell if the ducts have sustained damage unless you’re a professional. It takes duct testing professionals, who use special equipment to create and then measure pressure within the ducts, to tell if the system is suffering from leaks.

And, unfortunately, leaks are common. The ductwork in many homes was often poorly installed in the first place, making it susceptible for developing leaks. Insects and humidity can also cause damage leading to duct leaks. And even a small loss of air from the ventilation system will lead to an increase in your bills. Studies have shown that leaking ducts can account for a loss of up to 30% of the air inside the ventilation system. That’s air that you pay to heat or cool that doesn’t even make it to the rooms. You’re not only losing money, you’re losing comfort as well—and often you won’t even be aware of it. Professional duct testers will find out where your ducts need help, and then see that all the gaps and holes are properly sealed up.

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