Need to Cool Down Your Garage? Here’s a Great Way to Do It!

Garages are usually a part of a home that doesn’t need air conditioning. Most of what gets stored inside a garage isn’t heat-sensitive, and people in a house only spend enough time in a garage to get in and out of a car. If your garage only serves the purposes of storing cars and a number of other items that aren’t sensitive to heat, you won’t need to worry about spending money on air conditioning it.

However, there are times when providing AC for a garage is a good idea. People often place hobby areas inside the garage, especially people who enjoy working with tools and do-it-yourself tasks. Garages can also be partially transformed into game rooms and hangout spaces—or you can choose the change the entire space into a rec room. You will definitely need to air condition the garage if you plan to use it in any of these ways.

Ductless air conditioning is the answer for cooling your garage

To air condition a garage, it is best that you don’t expand the ductwork from your home’s central AC and send cooled air into the place. This will put tremendous strain on the AC, since the garage has enormous heat gain and little insulation. To properly cool the garage this way, you would need to a have a new, more powerful central air conditioning system put in—and that’s an expensive proposition.

The alternative is to have a separate air conditioning system installed just for the garage. Here is where a ductless mini-split heat pump is ideal. These ductless air conditioning systems are small and do not require putting in any space-consuming and energy-inefficient ducts; they send cooled air directly from a wall-mounted air handler that connects to an outdoor exhaust unit. If you have professionals install a ductless system, it will be sized correctly to keep the garage cool using only a single wall-mounted air handler. Anyone using the garage just needs to turn the unit on and off as necessary.

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