Magic Touch Mechanical Turns 25!

magic touch mechanical turns 25 years old


This week Magic Touch Mechanical turns 25 years old!

It’s hard to believe it’s been a quarter century since I founded Magic Touch Mechanical in January of 1997. Back then, I was a very proficient HVAC service technician and installer, but I was anything but a savvy businessman. I attribute our longevity, success, and growth over the years to the team much more than I do to myself. In fact, I’m certain Magic Touch would not have achieved the heights it has today without them.

I recently updated the “ABOUT” page on our website to reflect this momentous milestone for the Magic Touch team. On that page I talk about our humble beginnings and how we grew to be a nationally recognized service company. If you’ve never heard the story of how Magic Touch Mechanical got our name, you can read about it there. It really is a great story and holds a lot of meaning to me and the roots of Magic Touch.


The Best Companies Have the Best People on the Team

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“A small group of A level people will outperform a large group of B and C level people every time.” I heard a speaker at a conference say that years ago when a business owner asked how they could compete with much larger competitors. As I thought about the team we had assembled at Magic Touch Mechanical, his words rang true. With monstrous AC companies popping up in Phoenix, AZ like whack-a-mole, our 20-something person team at the time seemed miniscule in comparison. What I learned over time was, those behemoth companies weren’t even our competition. In fact, when it came to cutting-edge, high-tech products, and testing, employees of those large companies were referring people to Magic Touch!

Why, because we never focused on how big we could get, we focused on hiring only the best and brightest! It’s those very people I must thank and credit for us celebrating 25 years in business today.


Magic Touch Mechanical Turns 25 Thanks to Our Loyal Clients

Of course, no company succeeds without customers, and I’ve come to learn it takes great customers to last this long! I’m humbled every time I talk to a client who’s been a client for 10, 20, and even 25 years. More so, by our customers who are 2nd and now 3rd generation clients – the ones whose parents and grandparents are clients too.

The type of clients who tell their friends and family, “don’t even call anyone else, this is the only company I’ll use.” To those clients I owe a debt of gratitude. You are the very reason Magic Touch Mechanical turns 25 today!


We’ve Got Another 25 Years in Us!

We’re not going anywhere and we’re not selling out to the private equity groups buying up our competitors recently. I’m still a relatively young man, my partner Michele is younger, and our longtime employees you know are here for the long haul.

Magic Touch clients don’t have to worry about becoming a number to a private equity firm, because we’re not selling. In fact, in recent years we’ve acquired a few of our ‘best’ competitors from owners who care about their teams and clients more than other factors. I truly believe as we’ve gotten older and larger our level of service has not suffered but in fact improved. Our growth has given us the resources to provide more training, acquire the best talent, and focus on employee happiness. Happy employees’ equal happy clients so we all benefit!

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A Sincere and Humble THANK YOU!


More than likely if you’re even reading this, you played a role in Magic Touch Mechanical celebrating 25 years in business. Whether you’re one of our wonderful clients, strategic partners, vendor partners, team members, or social media friends, I thank you!


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