Giving Thanks to the AC and Heating Business

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Dear, AC and Heating Business – Thanks!

With Thanksgiving a day away, I thought it would be appropriate to give thanks to my chosen profession – HVAC. For those who don’t know, HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning. However, for me personally, and thousands more like me who’ve made it our career and livelihood; HVAC means much more.

They say if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life. Well, that’s a stretch – I’ve worked my butt off for 30-years and have the scars to prove it – but I do love the AC and heating business!


HVAC Paid for It

“Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy you a jet-ski. Have you ever seen a sad guy on a jet ski?” – Daniel Tosh

 Seriously though, I’ve been flat-broke and I’ve been comfortable…comfortable is way better! Although there’s more important things in life than money, it’s great to be paid well for your work. The AC and heating business pays quite well, assuming you’re great at it, honest, ethical and well-intentioned.

The hashtag, “#hvacpaidforit” is frequently used in some of the AC and heating related Facebook groups. It’s used when guys (yes, and girls) are showing off their homes and toys, i.e. motorcycles, cars, boats, planes…you name it. While the practice is a little too “show-boat” for me to participate in too often (wink), I understand the sentiment. Toys are fun, and the fact that the AC & heating business pays for us to live well is okay to be proud of.

I strongly encourage young people or really anyone who thinks they have what it takes, to consider the AC and heating business. It’s a lucrative career choice.


Family AC and Heating Business

Like my own company, Magic Touch Mechanical, many AC & heating businesses around the country are family-run companies. They say that family that plays together, stays together. I’d add that family that works together not only stays together, but creates an inseparable bond. Together you weather the defeats and enjoy the victories. While running a company isn’t always “candy cane wishes and lollipop dreams,” successes are better enjoyed when it’s a family affair.

The AC & heating business is also often generational. It’s not uncommon to meet HVAC company owners who are 2nd, 3rd, or 4th generation still run by the same family. After many years of working in the mortgage industry, my eldest daughter became interested in the family business. While myself and my wife (who also became involved in the business later on) still have a lot of working years left in us, it’s nice to think the kids may still be involved in the business after we retire. Leaving behind a legacy so to speak must be a great source of pride for the founders of an HVAC company.


AC & Heating Companies Give Back

In the 30+ years I’ve been working in the AC and heating business, I’ve met a lot of admirable people. The HVAC industry often gets a bad rap thanks to a few bad apples. While that’s slowly changing with the rise in online reviews, I’d attest that the majority of people in this industry are everyday people just trying to earn a good living.

I’ve seen and been involved with many charitable causes, events, fundraisers, etc. driven by local AC & heating companies. From toy drives for sick children, to feeding the homeless every weekend, I know fellow company owners who spend their free time giving back. Every year we personally give tens of thousands of dollars in free equipment, parts, services and time to the less fortunate. And, I can think of dozens of friends in the AC & Heating business who do the same. Whether it’s free repairs to a local animal rescue’s AC unit, or installing new cooling & heating systems for free for needy families – I thank the HVAC industry for the opportunity to do it!


Teaching the HVAC Trade to the Next Generation  

My first job in the air conditioning & heating business was over 30-years ago. Back then, landing an apprenticeship position in the trades was like winning the lottery – to me anyway. Nowadays, there are more HVAC positions available than there are young people to fill them. We spent so many years teaching young people that college was the only answer, that we overlooked the construction trades. Many people had the view (some still do) that a career in a trade was a “last resort” – they were (or are) very wrong!

Not only are young people coming into the trades not saddled with debilitating student loan debt – they’re making great money right away. In fact, because of the worker shortage in HVAC, plumbing, electrical, etc., newcomers can advance in their careers very quickly. How many of your children in their 20’s & 30’s are earning six figures and are debt free? Well, I know many that are thanks to the AC & heating business – and their future is only getting brighter.

Being in a position to provide these kinds of opportunities to young adults just starting out in life is extremely rewarding. I’m thankful to the air conditioning & heating business to be in this position.


Building an AC & Heating Business

Money aside, I find what we in the AC & heating business do very rewarding. We provide a useful and needed service no matter what area of the field we specialize in. Whether it be supermarket refrigeration, home comfort, or anything in between, our services are critical and even life-supporting.

I’m actually having fun building a successful AC & Heating business for all the reasons stated above and more. So, this Thanksgiving, I’m especially thankful for the people who gave me my shot, all the people who coached and taught me along the way, and the AC & heating business as a whole!


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