TFP Cannonball Gas Burner Set

The TFP Cannonball Gas Burner Set is everything you need to give your existing gas fireplace a new contemporary look. Available in multiple colors and sizes. Click on the title for more info. Click “Compare” for pricing & more!

TFP Cannonball Gas Burner Set

The TFP Cannonball Gas Burner set is available in three different widths making it a versatile fireplace upgrade for those looking for a more modern look. Choose from one of three cannonball colorsĀ  to compliment your home’s color pallette and completely transform the look of your hearth. The multi-sided design of this gas burner set allows us to install it in traditional single-sided hearths, two-sided, and even 3-sided peninsula style fireplaces. It’s unique design gives it a finished look from every angle!

Width options: 18-inch, 24-inch, and 30-inch.

Color options: Black, brown, and beige.


tfp cannonball glass burner set color options

Cannonball Color Options: Black, Brown, or Beige

Choose Your Ignition Type

The TFP Cannonball Gas Burner Set can be configured for use with four different types of ignition systems. For those working on a limited budget, choose a Manual Safety Pilot. For added convenience, this set can also be controlled by a wall switch, an on/off remote control, or a variable flame remote control. Our knowledgeable fireplace technicians can help you understand the differences in functionality. We always review your project in person so you know all of your options and pricing before you purchase.


Will This Work In My Fireplace?

If you’re not sure what products will work for your fireplace upgrade, don’t worry … we do! What makes us different than other fireplace stores is we install every product you see on this website. Schedule a consultation with us and one of our highly-trained & experienced fireplace designers will help you find exactly what you need. We’ll help you find the perfect design for your fireplace of fire pit within your budget.


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