Why Consider an Energy Management System for Your Business

Modern commercial buildings have many ways in which they can waste energy, often without the business owner realizing it. But with so many different systems working in a company every day, how can you control how your business uses energy and improve it?

One answer is to have professionals outfit your building with an energy management system (EMS). This is a comprehensive solution that optimizes your company’s energy use through a combination of hardware and direct digital controls.

Here’s why an EMS installation is a good idea

  • Remote access: An EMS is like having a switchboard for your entire company that can control such things as lighting, ventilation, comfort controls, heating and cooling zones, water heaters, etc. all from a computer. And you can access the system remotely as well through a laptop or desktop.
  • Pinpoint trouble spots: The monitoring that an EMS provides allows you to easily locate systems within the building that are using more energy than they should. You’ll be able to tell when there is equipment that needs maintenance or repairs and have the problems addressed quickly.
  • Conserve energy: Aside from detecting where poorly functioning equipment is draining power, an EMS increases energy use by balancing the various systems in ways that will keep employees comfortable while lowering power consumption. Essentially, the EMS gets your building to work like a single unit, which is much more efficient than having the separate systems running independent of each other, overlapping and creating more work than necessary.

There’s no such thing as an off-the-shelf EMS. Each one much be specially tailored to the needs of a specific business. Professionals will help you develop an energy management system that integrates into your building to provide you with the exact service that you want.

If you want to know more about what an energy management system can do for your company, or you wish to set up an appointment, call the professionals at Magic Touch Mechanical. We serve Scottsdale, AZ and the surrounding areas.