“If It Ain’t Broke Don’t Fix It”: Why This Will Cost You in the Long Run

The phrase “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” does apply to many things in life, such as popular formulas for television programs that are still pulling in hefty ratings, or a menu at a restaurant that has kept patrons happy for many years. However, this philosophy doesn’t apply to mechanical devices that can actually break, such as your home’s heater and AC.

In the case of heating and air conditioning systems, it’s a wise approach to schedule repairs even if they still seem to be working. Preventive repairs and preventive maintenance are some of the best ways to see that your heater and AC provide you with long service lives and high energy efficiency.

Preventive repairs

You should never wait for a heater or an air conditioner to break down before you call for a technician to repair it. There’s plenty that can go wrong between the time that you first notice signs of a malfunction (odd noises, a drop in comfort ability, elevated bills) until the point it actually ceases working. The heater/AC will cost more to operate when it’s trying to overcome a fault, and it will start to create hot and cold spots around the house. More repair issues will build up, and when you do finally get around arrange for it to be fixed, the repair price will be much higher—and in some cases the system may need to be completely replaced.

Preventive maintenance

Maintenance isn’t scheduled on a basis of need: it’s done twice a year at around the same time. Your heater should have a maintenance visit during the fall, and the air conditioner during the spring. This is the best way to keep malfunctions from even getting a foothold. If you neglect your HVAC system and simply skip maintenance, the chance of it needing repairs and breaking down early will significantly increase.

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