What makes up the “system” in an Air Conditioning & Heating System?

What makes up the “system” in an Air Conditioning & Heating System?

I have to laugh when I see ads that say something like “New A/C & Heating System for $3995” or some other arbitrary number. What these ads should say is “$4000 worth of parts that are going to cost you thousands more in repairs over the next few years, many uncomfortable nights, and eventually a relationship with a better HVAC Contractor!”

In the industry we call these types of companies “box changers”. That’s because the A/C condenser outside and furnace or air handler in your attic or closet are only boxes full of parts and only a part of what makes up an A/C and Heating “System”.

Even if you buy the top of the line, highest efficiency, 20 SEER, Trane or Lennox with variable speed fan motors and multi stage compressors with a touch screen “smart” thermostat, etc…it will perform poorly, break down regularly, run inefficiently, and not give you the benefits it was engineered to give if the rest of the “system” is not up to par.

I know you’re now saying, “Tell us what the rest of the system is Rich!”, so I will make you wait no more J

An HVAC System consists of an air conditioning condenser, an evaporator coil, an air handler or furnace, plenums and air distribution boxes, a properly designed and sealed duct system, properly sized and installed refrigeration line-set, an expansion valve, properly designed and balanced air registers, properly designed and installed return air boxes and grills, a good filtration system, a control system, properly sized control wires, properly designed and installed condensate drain system, drain traps, air gaps, cleanouts, drain pans, mounting systems, vibration isolation pads, and so on.

And that’s just the HVAC System! Your whole home is a series of “systems” designed to work together to make your home comfortable, efficient, safe, and healthy. What good is a properly designed and installed HVAC system if your insulation system is deficient? Or if your home has air leakage everywhere? Or if your fancy new machine is hooked up to a duct system that leaks more air into the attic and neighborhood than it delivers to your home?

When my company, Magic Touch Mechanical, in Mesa, AZ gives a free in home estimate for a new air conditioning and heating system, we consider, measure, and test ALL of these things not just the “box”.

The reason we can give a five-year extended labor warranty vs. our competitors who give a one-year labor warranty is we KNOW it’s done right and you’re not going to have problems with your new A/C or furnace.

Our “Complete Package” installation includes a free computer generated and printed Manual J load calculation and duct design, a free APS and SRP approved duct leakage test, a free duct seal package to eliminate the duct leaks we find (which automatically qualifies you to get $250 cash back from the APS or SRP Duct Test and Repair Rebate Program), a free Infrared Thermal Image Camera Scan of your entire homes insulation system…and more!

Your home is your castle and you’ve invested six and sometimes seven figures into it making it that. You deserve it to be efficient, comfortable, and durable.

Making sure your HVAC System and the rest of your homes “systems” are doing what they were intended to do is easy, less expensive, and a much better investment than the aggravation of fighting with the “box changers” when you realize you just threw good money after bad!

If you are interested in more information about our Complete Package, the Duct Test and Repair Rebate, or any of our other services, feel free to give us a call at (480) 855-8789 or send us a message by using this online form http://airconditioningarizona.com/contactus.php

Stay cool!