Air Conditioning Companies Near Me

What You Need to Know When Looking for an Air Conditioning Service Company   In the digital age, we’re all used to searching terms like Air Conditioning Companies Near Me to find a service. I use that example, because it’s a search term we, Magic Touch Mechanical, show up with often. It’s my job to […]

How Refrigerant Works in Your Air Conditioner to Keep Your House Cool

Electro-mechanical air conditioning was invented in 1902, and in the following century-plus they have become a ubiquitous part of daily life—especially in desert cities like Phoenix, AZ. But how much do you really know about the AC that keeps your home pleasant even when the thermometer outdoors rises up toward a sweltering 120°F?

Why Can’t a Swamp Cooler Cool a Swamp?

It’s not entirely clear why the “swamp cooler” was named as such, because this misleading term suggests that this is a type of HVAC system intended to cool a swamp. Despite this misnomer, it stands as an attractive name, partially because it sounds so exotic, especially where we live.

Magic Touch Mechanical finishes 4th in #SocialMadness Contest Open Round!

With over 4000 companies participating in the Social Madness Contest nationwide, the competition is heating up! Maybe not to the extent of how Phoenix, Arizona is heating up this week (113 degrees – YIKES!), but the heat is on nonetheless! Social Madness is being sponsored by The Phoenix Business Journal and Spark Business by Capital […]