Some Options for Thermostat Replacement for Your Home

Thermostats are a key part of how your HVAC system works: the thermostat communicates to the heater and the air conditioner, as well as the blower fan, when to come on and turn off. If the thermostat develops malfunctions, it will result in major problems, such as an air conditioner that won’t come on or a heating system that short-cycles (turning on and off rapidly and creating a large amount of stress on the system).

However, even if your thermostat doesn’t seem to have repair problems, you may wish to have it replaced to update to new technology. Advanced thermostats with special features can help you achieve better comfort, convenience, and especially energy savings. If your thermostat is an old manual model, then you should consider some of these options as a replacement:

Basic digital thermostat

A no-frills digital thermostat is a good choice if you have a limited budget or a smaller house. Digital thermostats are more precise with their temperature settings, and this will result in a small increase in energy savings.

Programmable digital thermostat

A thermostat with programmable features allows you to control when the AC and heater turn on and off even when you aren’t in the home or are asleep. This makes it much more convenient to keep your home comfortable all the time—and without wasting energy. There is a large variety of programmable digital thermostats available, from inexpensive and simple models that have only two programming slots to very complex models that allow different programs for each day of the week. Work with a professional to find the thermostat that meets your comfort and budget needs.

Smart thermostats

When it comes to advanced features and energy-saving ability, a smart thermostat is difficult to beat. These thermostats have algorithms that allow them to “learn” from a pattern of settings and then develop their own programs that maximize comfort and efficiency. Smart thermostats can also be controlled wirelessly through a computer, desktop, laptop, or cell phone, giving you access to your home’s comfort system from anywhere there is an Internet or cellphone connection.

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