Should I Schedule Air Conditioning Replacement Now?

If you’re asking this question, it is probably because you have reason to think your air conditioner is coming to the end of its useful service life. Maybe it is starting to struggle to deliver cooling, is making more noise than it used to, or is a few years older than its manufacturer’s estimated service life. Regardless of the reason you believe you have a dying AC, right now in early spring is an excellent time to call our HVAC professionals and arrange for an air conditioning replacement in Gilbert, AZ or the surrounding areas.

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Getting a Head Start on Summer Is Smart

Trying to make it through a Phoenix summer without a reliable central air conditioner isn’t something you want to do. It’s always better to play it safe and have the AC maintained in spring and repaired if necessary. But during maintenance, one of our technicians may determine your cooling system is no longer worth keeping because it’s at a high risk of a catastrophic summer failure that will cost too much to fix compared to a new system installation. You’ll be glad to know this early so you have time to schedule the replacement. Moving early in spring to put in a new AC allows you to get a jump on the heat so you don’t miss out on a single day of cooling.

When you only need fixes for your AC, contact us for air conditioning repair in Mesa, AZ.

Enjoy Spring Deals

Before the hot summer weather strikes is the best time to find deals on new air conditioning systems. Our team is glad to help you explore your various AC options (including switching to a new type of cooling system, such as a heat pump, a ductless mini split, a swamp cooler, or a solar AC) and assist you with finding deals that save you money while delivering comfort.

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Scheduling Is Easier As Well

Another reason we recommend arranging for any air conditioning replacement at this time of year is that it’s much simpler to schedule it. Our technicians have more open work calendars during the cooler period of spring when air conditioning systems don’t work as much and haven’t built up serious stress yet. Once the intense summer heat gets underway—and you know how roasting hot it gets here!—AC emergencies become more frequent and many people schedule major jobs like installations and replacements. If you have your air conditioning replacement done early, it’s much easier to find a convenient time for both you and our technicians. When there’s no rush, there’s far less fuss!

If you’re unsure whether it’s time to replace your air conditioning system, request service with us right away. We’ll look over the AC and give you an honest assessment about the best choice for your future comfort and savings.

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