Save Money with the Right Thermostat

Thermostats used to be basic devices. When we talked about thermostats, we were all pretty much on the same page: a device on the wall with sliders and dials: push it one way for cold, the other way for heat. If you knew the best way to program the thermostat and followed the guidelines from the Department of Energy, you could lower seasonal energy costs by around 10%—but that was the limit of what the manual model thermostats could do.

But those clumsy days of temperature control are in the past, and even though you can still have a simple thermostat if you want… the technology today for home climate controls is simply amazing. It’s honestly fascinating, and if you want to upgrade your thermostat in Phoenix, AZ to something that will save you money, we have plenty of options for you. We’re glad to go over them with you—we love this technology and enjoy the chance to work with it every day and see how it benefits our customers.

Today’s Thermostat Is More Than a Thermostat

What does that mean? It means upgrading to the newest line of thermostats isn’t only about controlling your HVAC system. Today’s “smart” thermostats are like giving your home an operating system. These thermostats are Wi-Fi enabled, hooked to the cloud, and monitor conditions throughout the home. The combination of precision and data available to the thermostat makes it a powerhouse at lowering the amount of power you use.

Get started with a new thermostat in Gilbert, AZ by calling our professionals. They’re glad to guide you through all the choices available.

The Thermostats That Can Save You Money

No question about it, there are many options for advanced thermostats available. If you go it alone selecting one, you’re going to feel overwhelmed. That’s why we’re here to help out. Here are models to consider that will cut down significantly on energy bills while upgrading your home:

  • Wi-Fi Enabled Smart Thermostats: Here’s a thermostat you can control from anywhere you have your smart phone, tablet, or computer connection. The communication with it goes two ways: the thermostat can send reports to your devices about temperature, humidity, and energy performance. You can program it to email you alerts!
  • Self-Learning and Geo-Fencing Thermostats: In 2014, Google acquired NEST, bringing a new level of design to these thermostats that’s similar to what’s found on the iPod Touch (in fact, many of the same engineers worked on both). These thermostats have built-in motion and light sensors and create their own programming. Geo-fencing technology means the HVAC systems sense when you’re in the area (i.e. they pick up on your mobile device) and activates the system, which means you don’t have to worry about remembering to activate it yourself.
  • Wireless Temperature Sensors and Occupancy Sensors: Here’s where the smart technology starts to do truly amazing things, like use the temperature from multiple rooms to average them out and create more even temperatures throughout a home. The thermostats can also lower and raise temperatures based on people entering and leaving a room.
  • Zone Control Thermostats: If you have a zone control system for your house (and if you don’t, we strongly recommend you call us today to arrange for one), smart thermostats have even more power to provide comfort to specific rooms that need it. It’s another great way to reduce energy expenditure.
  • Full Energy Management Systems: If you live in a large home that uses multiple AC and heating units and extensive outdoor lighting, the best technology for use is an Energy Management System. It sounds complicated, but this is one of our specialties. We have the experience and skill to set your house up with a complete Energy Management System.

Call us today and we’ll provide an evaluation of your home and its HVAC system and controls to find the ideal thermostat technology. We’re on the cutting edge of the finest in smart thermostats, and we want to put this energy saving technology to work for you.

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