Our Air Conditioners Save Marriages!

She likes it at 80°F while reading in the family room. He likes it at 70°F. while watching the game in his man cave. They could split the difference and set the thermostat to 75°F – a good compromise, but really neither is happy. This is where we come in to save the day because our air conditioners save marriages!

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The Perfect Temperature for Everyone

Of course, I jest when I say our air conditioners save marriages. If the “thermostat wars” in your home are enough to end the relationship, your air conditioning company probably can’t help. We can however provide the solution to the scenario above, no compromise necessary! She gets 80°F, he gets 70° F, all in same house, from the same heating & air conditioning system.


Multi-Zone Ductless Mini Split to the Rescue

The simple solution to the problem above has been around for decades. It’s quiet, reliable, and proven – in millions of homes around the world. It goes by many names, mini split heat pump, ductless air conditioner, ductless mini split, and side discharge unit. No matter what you call it, multi-zone mini split air conditioners save marriages … well maybe in the above scenario!



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Mini Split vs Central Air

Traditional central air & heating systems rely on shared ductwork to cool or heat every room at the same time. If you’re closing off vents in certain rooms that get too hot or too cold the problem is ‘central’ air. With a mini split heat pump system, each room gets its own ‘mini’ air conditioning & heating system. Since each room is controlled by its own thermostat, one room can be set to 70° and one to 80°. In fact, one room can have the AC on and running and the other can be completely turned off.


Ductless Heat Pumps in Large Homes

The beauty of a mini split ductless heat pump is they can be custom designed for practically any size home. Magic Touch is known in the Phoenix, AZ area as one of the few experts in whole-home mini split systems. We’ve designed systems that completely replaced the existing central air & heating systems in the home. Not only your typical 3-bedroom home either, our systems have been installed in several of the Valley’s largest homes too.

The flexibility and design options allow mini split ductless heat pumps to condition just about any space. From a single car garage or a master bedroom only, to a 25-room mansion in Paradise Valley, AZ. In fact, both the garage and the home can be heated & cooled by the same multi-zone unit. That’s something you can’t do with a conventional ducted system due to the risk of carbon monoxide entering the home.


How Much Does a Mini Split System Cost?

Let’s get right down to it – professionally installed mini split systems from Mitsubishi, Bosch, Gree, and others aren’t inexpensive. On average, you can expect to pay approximately $5,000 – $6,000 per zone as of Summer 2022. This makes multi-zone systems significantly more expensive than replacing a central air system with another. If you expect the energy savings to cover the difference, it’s unlikely you’ll recoup the difference. However, if exact comfort, practically silent operation, and much better air quality are your main motivation, ductless is far superior. Do not mistake a professional grade system to the cheap units found online and across the border – they’re nothing alike. In fact, we replace those systems with professional systems on a weekly basis – usually for a frustrated homeowner who tried “the cheap route”.


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Our Air Conditioners Save Marriages & Money

In summary, our air conditioners save marriages by giving both partners exactly what they want whenever they want it. Nobody must sacrifice their comfort for their spouse, and you’ll be giving your spouse exactly what they want. How does that save money you ask? When you realize how much a good divorce attorney costs and exactly how much 50% of your assets equal – you’ll see!

More importantly though, it’ll be better for the kids. Hmm, maybe I should’ve called this post Our Air Conditioners Save the Children! LOL


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