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Adding a gas fireplace remote control is one of the most requested upgrades our clients in the Phoenix area call about. If your hearth didn’t come with a fireplace remote, one can be added in most cases. Some fireplaces are ‘remote ready,’ while others may require a bit more work to accommodate the upgrade. However, even if yours isn’t remote ready there are other benefits to this upgrade that make installing one worthwhile.



What Is A ‘Remote Ready’ Fireplace?

Just this week we installed a custom fireplace for some clients remodeling their north Phoenix home. If you’ve ever remodeled a home, you know it’s not hard to exceed your budget choosing too many upgrade options! Sometimes you just must skip the gold-plated cabinet hardware and towel warmers in the guest bathroom!

In this case, the clients chose a lot of custom metalwork, fire art, and other high-end options for the project. When it was time to decide the fireplace controls, their budget was all but spent already. I suggested we install a ‘remote ready’ model so they could easily add a remote later down the road. This way, no gas valve or ignition system replacement will be required if they decide to add a fireplace remote.

In this client’s case, their new fireplace uses a pushbutton to light the fire, much like a gas grill. This type of ignition is called a piezo ignition. However, when they decide to add a remote, their new hearth is prewired & configured to accept a fireplace remote.

In other words, a remote ready fireplace uses a gas valve, ignition system, and controls prewired for a fireplace remote.


Upgrading Your Fireplace to Electronic Gas Valve & Ignition

Some gas fireplaces require an electronic gas valve & ignition upgrade to utilize a fireplace remote control. Magic Touch Mechanical and The Fire Place by Magic Touch offer a universal bundle which includes everything needed for this. Our bundle includes a gas fireplace remote control, electronic gas valve, complete ignition assembly, and all upgrade accessories needed.

The gas fireplace remote control is what clients want, but they soon appreciate the other benefits of this upgrade. Mainly, eliminating the need to light a pilot or match light a burner.

Our electronic gas valve bundle eliminates the need to ever use a match or lighter on your fireplace again. The standing pilot is removed, and everything needed to light or turn off the fireplace is done electronically. Your gas fireplace remote control is all you need. So, if you can press a button, you can operate your fireplace!



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Gas Fireplace Remote Control Kits Are Safer, More Efficient, & More Reliable

Our gas fireplace remote control kits make operating your fireplace or fire pit safer, more efficient and reduce repair costs. Here are a few more benefits of upgrading your fireplace with an electronic valve, ignition, and fireplace remote.


Fireplace Remote Makes Lighting Safer

Match lit burners can be scary. The initial “whoosh” of the flame when igniting a gas appliance is enough to make most of us sweat. With a gas fireplace remote control kit, you don’t even need to be near your fireplace to light it.


No More “Always On” Pilot Light

Pilot lights that are always on are called a standing pilot or safety pilot. While safer than a match lit fireplace without a gas valve, they’re inconvenient and wasteful. By adding an electronic fireplace valve with remote control there is no need for a standing pilot any longer. Not only will you save money on your gas bill by eliminating the always on pilot, but you’ll also never need to light a pilot light again!


Reduce Fireplace Repair Costs

Safety pilots, piezo ignition systems, and other non-electronic valves use more parts that wear out, fail, and require more frequent repairs. For example, thermocouples & thermopiles are parts we replace regularly on safety pilot gas valves. Electronic valves do not require many of these parts that eventually fail from normal wear & tear. As a result, repair costs are reduced on fireplaces & fire pits that use a gas fireplace remote control and electronic valve.


Universal Gas Fireplace Remote Control

Not all fire pits and fireplaces require a new electronic gas valve & ignition kit to add a remote control. There are a few universal gas fireplace remote control kits that can be added to an existing fireplace or fire pit.

A professional fireplace service technician can advise you on the best way to add a fireplace remote to your appliance. He or she will inspect your current hearth, gas valve, ignition assembly, and other relevant details to provide your best options.




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Where We Install Gas Fireplace Remote Controls

The Fire Place is a division of Magic Touch Mechanical. We’ve been providing gas and electric fireplace service in the Phoenix, AZ area for over ¼ century. Our main office and warehouse are in downtown Mesa; however, we service the entire valley. We handle everything from fireplace/fire pit repair & upgrades to complete custom fireplace design & install.

Cities we service include Mesa, Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert, Queen Creek, Apache Junction, Gold Canyon, Fountain Hills, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Phoenix, Glendale, Peoria, Avondale, Litchfield Park, Maricopa, and nearby Arizona cities.


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