Fireplace Fire Glass Colors


Choose from over 85 gorgeous fireplace fire glass colors*, sizes, and options with a Magic Touch Mechanical fireplace or fire pit modernization. Choose a hidden burner, or one of our modern stainless steel fireplace burner kits & we’ll add the fire glass of your choice!

We source only the highest quality fire glass on the market. We guarantee it will last a lifetime in your fireplace or fire pit. All of our fire glass is made from tempered glass. It’s designed to withstand extreme temperatures and will never lose its shape, shine or color. Unlike the cheap fire glass on the market, our fire glass will not emit smoke or toxic fumes. It will not turn black or produce ash like “fake” fire glass… we guarantee it!


Note: All fire pit and fire glass options shown are included with Magic Touch Mechanical installation. We do not sell fire glass separately to the public, sorry!

* Fire glass color options shown are all available “while supplies last”. New varieties are added regularly and some varieties may be discontinued from time to time.



new fire glass magic touch mechanical az

1/2″ Fire Glass 2.0


Available in 6 stunning colors, Fire Glass 2.0 is the newest option in our collection. This 1/2 fire glass combines a new shape with a highly polished luster as the name suggest. It’s often described as having the appearance of tinted ice, and will totally wow all of your guests. Fire glass 2.0 was released just this year and is already headed towards being a best seller! Be the first one of your friends with a “hot” fireplace (pun intended) – schedule your modernization project today!

fire glass 2.0

fire glass 2.0 3-6



1/4″ Reflective Fire Glass

Our reflective fire glass has one mirrored edge which adds a beautiful “glistening” effect that’s quite eye-catching. It’s available in both 1/4″ pieces and 1/2″ pieces and comes in over 36 different color combinations between both sizes. As if that’s not enough options, you can even choose multiple colors and make your own mix!


reflective fire glass 6-12

reflective fire glass 1-6

pre mixed fire glass 10-12

pre mixed fire glass 7-9



1/2″ Reflective Fire Glass


reflective fire glass 1-6

reflective fire glass 7-10



1/2″ Reflective Fire Glass (Pre-Mixed)


pre mixed reflective fire glass 4-6

pre mixed reflective fire glass 1-3


1/4″ Classic Fire Glass (Non-Reflective)

Classic fire glass is a Magic Touch Mechanical customer favorite. As the name implies this “classic” look relies on its simplicity and gorgeous colors to add beauty to any room. Your friends and neighbors will be green with envy… no matter which color you choose, even if it’s not green! With over 22 color and size choices, you can transform your fireplace or fire pit from drab to fab!


Classic Fire Glass 1-6

classic fire glass 7-12


1/2″ Classic Fire Glass (Non-Reflective)


Classic Fire Glass 1-6

Classic Fire Glass 7-10


Recycled Fire Glass (Small or Medium)


recycled fire pit glass 1-6

recycled fire pit glass 7-12

recycled fire pit glass 13-18

recycled fire pit glass 19-24