Fireplace Repair Near Me

With the official start of Autumn yesterday, it’s almost fireplace season in many parts of the country. Soon people will be lighting their gas fireplaces only to find out they’re not working properly. Soon thereafter, the internet searches for Fireplace Repair Near Me begin.


Fireplace Repair Near Me – In AZ?

Magic Touch Mechanical is headquartered in Mesa, AZ., a suburb of Phoenix so you might think fireplaces aren’t used here. Those of us who live in Arizona know that we get good use out of our fireplaces & fire pits. Sure, we may start a few months after other states, but it does get cool enough to use ours too. Just like our friends in neighboring states, sooner or later Phoenicians will probably have to search for repair companies in their area.


We Specialize in Fireplace Repair

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If you’re searching for fireplace repair companies, Magic Touch Mechanical was likely in the top results. That wasn’t an accident as Magic Touch not only specializes in gas fireplaces, we also service the entire Phoenix area.



In fact, Magic Touch Mechanical is the highest rated fireplace repair company not only in Mesa but in Arizona! We have over 650 reviews on Angie’s List alone with a 4.6 out of 5 rating from their members. We’ve also received over a dozen Angi Super Service Awards in the Fireplace, Gas Logs and Fire Pit categories. Sprinkle in several hundred Google reviews that mention fireplaces and you see why we show up when you search fireplace repair near me!




Why Aren’t There More Companies That Do Fireplace Repair Near Me?

In most states when you search for fireplace service companies, you’ll get back dozens, sometimes hundreds of results. That’s because in colder climates most heating companies offer a full array of fireplace services. As a result, most heating supply stores in those areas carry a significant amount of fireplace repair parts. That’s not the case on either count in the Phoenix area.

Many heating companies in Phoenix don’t offer fireplace repair service and more than a few refer customers to us for that. As a result, or maybe visa-versa, most heating supply stores in Phoenix – Mesa area don’t carry gas hearth parts.

I believe there are several good reasons why but think the following two are the main reasons:

  • We can live without heat and fireplaces here in Arizona, whereas heating is a critical necessity in colder climates.
  • Fireplace repair requires exponentially more parts, inventory, safety measures, experience, and training than air conditioning.

There are way more brands and models of gas fireplaces on the market than air conditioning brands and models. Unlike many air conditioner parts, there aren’t a lot of “universal” parts for fireplace repairs. Also, unlike air conditioner brands, many fireplace brands of the past are long out of business so parts can be hard to find.

There are other reasons, but now you’re starting to see why the results don’t come back with more companies when you search fireplace repair near me.


You Already Found the Best Fireplace Repair Company

best air conditioning company in the USAIf you found Magic Touch Mechanical when you searched for fireplace repair near me – you already found the best fireplace repair company in Arizona! Magic Touch has been providing gas fireplace repair in Mesa, Chandler, Scottsdale, and nearby cities for almost 25 years!

We service, clean, repair and upgrade propane & natural gas fireplaces, fire pits, and hearths as well as other heating systems. Our gas fireplace technicians are familiar with many brands old & new and can help keep your fireplace safe & efficient!


What About Wood Fireplaces?

Since Magic Touch Mechanical specializes in heating & air conditioning, we only work on gas fireplaces (propane and natural gas).

There are literally hundreds upon hundreds of gas fireplace types and models. We focus our time and training on being experts on gas appliances as opposed to masonry, carpentry, etc. That said, if you’re looking upgrade an existing gas fireplace to something more modern, look no further!


Does Magic Touch Clean & Tune-Up Gas Fireplaces?

Yes. We provide maintenance, tune-ups, and fireplace cleaning as well. Be sure to check out our Coupons page to see our latest promotions. Don’t forget to look out our HVAC promotions as well, we give extra discounts to clients who use us for both HVAC & Fireplace Service on the same visit!


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