Do I need Spring AC Maintenance?

“What’s the worst that can happen?” It’s a question people often ask themselves about many different parts of life—and it’s usually a warning that not only is the worst about to happen, but that it will be far worse than expected.

So if you’re tempted to skip having air conditioning maintenance in Mesa, AZ or the surrounding areas this year, asking yourself “What’s the worst that can happen?”… well, we have some answers for you.

If you’re in need of air conditioning repairs in Tempe, AZ right now, we’re here to help! Our technicians are ready to have any cooling system problem fixed.

6 Potential Air Conditioning Problems Caused by Lack of Maintenance

The major troubles an AC faces if it goes without professional service each year are lowered energy efficiency, decreased system lifespan, and an increase in the amount of repairs it requires. That’s all Big Picture stuff. But let’s get down to some nitty-gritty specifics about what starts happening inside an AC as years pass without one of our technicians there to handle tune-ups, cleanings, and inspections. This will give you a better idea of how an air conditioner wears down:

  • Blocked condensate drains: You’ve heard water dripping inside the air conditioning unit when it’s running. This is normal: it’s the sound of the water moisture gathered along the evaporator coil dripping down into the condensate pan. The water leaves the pan through a condensate drain. Without regular inspections and cleaning for the drain and the pan, the drain can become clogged. If water starts to spill out of the pan, it can cause the air conditioner to shut off (assuming an overflow safety switch was installed)—not to mention lead to possible water damage inside your house. Unfortunately, many times homeowners insurance policies will deny the claim for events like this, citing lack of required maintenance.
  • Refrigerant leaks: One of the essential jobs we tackle during maintenance for an air conditioner is to check the refrigerant pressure to make sure it hasn’t dropped. If it has, it means there is a leak somewhere in the system, probably because of corrosion along the edges of the evaporator coil aka the indoor or cooling coil. This often happens to systems that are getting older, but that corrosion can start within only a few years of the system being installed. Loss of refrigerant doesn’t just mean your air conditioner will begin to lose its cooling power. It puts the entire system and its components in risk of a major breakdown, one that could potentially even require replacing the AC again…yes, we’ve seen it happen!
  • Corroded wiring or loose connections: The electrical connections in an air conditioner may corrode over time and come loose, leading to a system that won’t operate correctly. We always check electrical connections during maintenance to see if this is happening and tighten up any loose connections.
  • Burnt out motors: Motors power two fans as well as the compressor of an air conditioner. As the motors lose lubrication over time and pick up dust, friction increases on their moving parts. This may eventually lead to the motor burning out and needing to be replaced. Without working fans or a compressor, you won’t have a working air conditioner!
  • Weak capacitors: Think about a capacitor like a battery. A motor capacitor or compressor capacitor aids the motor while running or starting (depending on the type). The extreme heat of Phoenix, AZ weakens these parts very quickly, making this a very common repair in Arizona air conditioning units. The problem is, when they go unchecked for too long the motor or compressor they are supposed to aid has to work much harder which not only uses much more energy, but will very quickly cause these components to fail. This turns a relatively inexpensive maintenance issue into a very expensive repair – potentially thousands of dollars!
  • Dirt Buildup: Even the cleanest of homes, and regular AC filter changes can’t always keep some dirt and dust from collecting on air conditioner coils, fans, and motors. When this happens, not only can it cause foul odors in your home, it causes your AC unit to work harder and can cause motors and other components to overheat. It is vital to check for dirt build up regularly and clean whenever needed.

The Lowdown: Sign Up for One of Our Savings Plans

Air conditioners are complex pieces of mechanical refrigeration equipment, and the strain they undergo during the intense, boiling hot summers here in Phoenix, Arizona and nearby cities, makes it necessary for them to have professional tune-ups and inspections annually. You can take a few maintenance steps on your own, but the majority of the work must be handled by our trained professionals.

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