Complete Fireplace Rebuild Upgrade

Our complete fireplace rebuild upgrade kit can be used to get a non-working fireplace working again, or to upgrade an older fireplace. The kit includes an on/off remote control, electronic gas valve, electronic ignition, non-standing pilot, and more. It’s all the best of a brand new modern fireplace control system!

TFP Complete Fireplace Rebuild Upgrade Bundle

Think of our TFP Complete Fireplace Rebuild Upgrade Bundle like putting a brand new motor, ignition, electronics, etc. in your car. Rather than, just replacing one critical part and hoping something else doesn’t fail, it’s all brand new. With our fireplace rebuild kit we not only replace all of the critical parts with brand new parts – we upgrade them all with modern parts.

When you look at your fireplace you only see the gas log set (or fire glass) and maybe a grate, or burner pan. What you don’t see is everything underneath or behind that makes that beautiful fireplace work – or not work. The ignition components, gas valve, pilot assembly, safety devices, etc. are all out of sight, but are the heart and soul of the fireplace. That’s why we call this our complete fireplace rebuild upgrade kit. We not only replace all the important components that make your fireplace work, we upgrade it with modern conveniences.



Modern Features Included in the Complete Fireplace Rebuild Upgrade Bundle:


On /Off Fireplace Remote Control

Our best selling fireplace upgrade is without question installing a new fireplace remote control. Of all the fireplace remotes we offer, the On/Off remote is the most popular. That’s because it offers the best bang for the buck – remote control capability without the additional expense of thermostats , etc. So, it was a no-brainer to include our most popular fireplace upgrade in to the complete fireplace rebuild upgrade bundle.


No More Standing Pilot to Light

No modern fireplace rebuild upgrade bundle would be complete without getting rid of the wasteful and inconvenient standing pilot light. We include the latest technology in this upgrade bundle with a pilot on demand controlled by electronic ignition. All that is required of you is the push of a button on the handheld remote control.


The Complete Fireplace Rebuild Upgrade Bundle Works With Gas Logs, Fire Glass, & Fire Balls

We chose specific components for the TFP Complete Fireplace Rebuild Upgrade Bundle to work in a wide variety of applications. These fireplace upgrades will work in most gas fireplaces from 18″ to 42″ wide. They’ll work nicely with many different gas log sets, fire glass burners, and several fire ball aka cannonball sets.


Will This Work In My Fireplace?

If you’re not sure what products will work for your fireplace upgrade, don’t worry … we do! What makes us different than other fireplace stores is we install every product you see on this website. Schedule a consultation with us and one of our highly-trained & experienced fireplace designers will help you find exactly what you need. We’ll help you find the perfect design for your fireplace of fire pit within your budget.


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