Best Selling Air Conditioners 2018

Our Annual List of the Best-Selling Central Air Conditioners Last Year & What’s New for 2019


It’s time once again for Magic Touch Mechanical’s best-selling central air conditioners of 2018 in the Phoenix, AZ. area.

What you need to know:

Magic Touch Mechanical, Mesa, AZ installs hundreds of central air and heating systems throughout the Phoenix Metro area annually. Unlike most air conditioning companies in Phoenix, we do not “push” one specific brand. Instead we believe in giving our clients options, so they can choose the brand and model they want. In other words, we offer; options, not ultimatums.

We compiled the following list of the best-selling central air conditioners in 2018. Specific models mentioned were Magic Touch clients most popular in 2018 based on our “product mix” report.



Trane Air Conditioning’s Best Seller

The most purchased Trane air conditioning & heating system in 2018 comes as no surprise to us. That’s because this model was also a client favorite the year before as well.


Trane XR16

best selling ac


The Trane XR16 is neither the most efficient new AC unit in the manufacturer’s lineup, nor the quietest. It also lacks many of the bells & whistles of other Trane models. However, it may be the best value of any Trane system on the market today. Offering a lot of bang for the buck, it’s really no surprise the Trane XR16 was Magic Touch Mechanical’s best-selling central air conditioner for two years running.

Trane’s 2ndbest-selling air conditioner model, the Trane XV20i comes with a variable speed compressor achieving 22-SEER efficiency. The XR16 however is only capable of reaching 17-SEER with it’s single-stage Climatuff compressor. That said, 17-SEER is considered highly efficient and the XR16 costs thousands less than the XV20i.


Read a detailed review of the Trane XR16 – BONUS: See it compared to the comparable Lennox unit.




Lennox Air Conditioning’s Best Selling Central Air Conditioner

The most popular Lennox A/C & heating system in 2018 on the other hand may surprise most. There are more than a few less expensive Lennox HVAC systems in their stable.


Lennox XC20 & XP20 best selling ac


When it comes to premium air conditioner brands, Trane and Lennox are the two greatest rivals in the HVAC industry. Surprisingly, unlike the best-selling Trane XR16 unit, Lennox’s best seller is far from a single stage unit. In fact, it’s not even a 2-stage unit which is considered “better”. It’s actually a variable speed A/C unit – the “best” compressor technology on the market today.

“Survey say’s”…the best-selling central air conditioner in 2018 in the Lennox lineup was the XC20 and its heat pump counterpart the XP20.

I say surprising because the XC20 is an ultra-efficient variable speed 20-SEER A/C unit. While Trane’s top-mover is a more basic unit, the Lennox XC20 is the brand’s 2ndbest variable speed inverter system.

One thing the Trane XR16 and Lennox XC20 have in common is the “great value” component.

Both the Lennox XC20 and XP20 heat pump offer more bang for the buck compared to many competitive models. For the price of competitive 2-stage units, this model offers more precise comfort, quieter operation, and better efficiency than most.


Read a detailed review, prices and specifications of the Lennox XC20 Central Air Conditioner



The Best-Selling Air Conditioner from Bosch

A completely new brand makes the list this year.


Bosch BOVA (Variable Speed Cooling & Heating) best selling ac


A relative newcomer to the scene comes from a well-known appliance brand not typically associated with heating and cooling equipment. The name Bosch is synonymous with premium dishwashers, ranges, and even power tools. Now Bosch makes air conditioning and heating systems as well – pretty darn good ones too!

People who own Bosch appliances are happy to share how much they love them. We’re now getting the same feedback from our clients who chose a Bosch variable speed heat pump & AC system.

Not only was the Bosch Variable Speed Inverter Heat Pump (aka BOVA line) the brand’s best seller in 2018 – it’s starting to outpace its competitors in popularity.

The Bosch ducted variable speed air-to-air heat pump is one of the quietest and most affordable in its class. The moment we saw the price tag on this one, we knew it was going to be popular. However, we had no idea it would fly off the shelves the way has!

The “best value” trend continues with Bosch air conditioners as well, as it’s thousands of dollars less than comparable models. Don’t let the low price-tag fool you though. The Bosch Ducted Heat Pump comes with an 11-year warranty when installed by an Accredited Bosch dealer like Magic Touch. It has a Mitsubishi built inverter driven variable speed compressor and the German engineering that made Bosch famous.


Read more about the Bosch Variable Speed BOVA Cooling & Heating System including prices & specifications



What was the Best-Selling Air Conditioner from Goodman in 2018?

In years past, we saw two completely different trends from Goodman customers. People looking for the lowest price air conditioner they could buy typically asked about Goodman. On the other end of the spectrum we saw people asking for the variable speed inverter unit by Franklin (Amana) – a Goodman company.

We installed more central air conditioners in 2018 than we have in our 22-year history as an Arizona HVAC Contractor. However, we saw a dramatic decline in Goodman, Franklin, and Daikin sales (all manufactured by the same company).

What changed?

I believe there are a number of reasons we saw more people choosing competitive brands last year, but here’s my best guess:

For the group looking for the cheapest new A/C unit they could get – Goodman’s not always it anymore. Premium brands like Lennox, Trane, Carrier, etc. all have entry-level air conditioners in their lineup nowadays.

While the differences may be minor amongst all these entry-level models, for the same money, people are choosing “the better name brand”. This is not me saying this, this is what we’ve been hearing from consumers.

As for the group who normally chose Franklin (better known as Amana), I think the Bosch brand appeals to them more. Amana customers were always very loyal to the brand in the past. With the company’s push to make the Daikin brand their “leader” consumers have seemingly opened their mind to consider other options. The quality and exclusivity of the Bosch brand feels “familiar” to previous Amana loyalists.

Goodman can probably blame Lennox for this new trend too. The Lennox XC20 air conditioner and XP20 heat pump bring a value proposition similar to Franklin/Amana’s. Both offer great technology and warranties, but Lennox is better known and has a better reputation in HVAC circles.


I’m Not Knocking Daikin!

I can already see the angry messages from loyal Goodman/Amana/Franklin/Daikin Dealers. Don’t shoot the messenger! We’ve offered multiple brands to our customers for many years. We use “open book” pricing and our customers can see the pricing and specifications of every unit side-by-side.

We don’t “sell” one brand over the other… we sell Magic Touch Mechanical! That said, the numbers speak for themselves. There was a steep decline in consumers choosing Daikin/Goodman equipment in 2018. The other models mentioned all increased in popularity during the same time period.


The Best Selling Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner


Mitsubishi MSZ-FH best selling ac


If you’ve read any of my many ductless articles or product comparisons, you know I love Mitsubishi Air Conditioners. Yes, they sell ducted central air conditioners too, but they’re not as big a seller as other central air brands.

When it comes to ductless though, they sell quicker than me on a piece of chocolate cake (that’s extremely fast)!

The best-selling Mitsubishi ductless air conditioner model in 2018 was the MSZ-FH wall mounted model. It surpassed 2017’s best seller the MSZ-GL (formerly GE). While the FH and GL models share many similarities, the FH’s added features are what I believe made the difference.



Read a review & specifications of a Mitsubishi MSZ-FH – BONUS: See a the MSZ compared side-by-side with Gree, Fujitsu, and Daikin 


A New Mitsubishi AC Unit Takes Center Stage


Mitsubishi MLZ best selling ac


While it still doesn’t compare in sales to the wall mounted ductless air handlers (yet), there’s a newcomer on the rise!

A common deterrence to more people choosing ductless mini-split air conditioners over central air is aesthetics. Some people want nothing to do with a unit mounted on the wall no matter how discreet it is.

Hidden, recessed, and even floor-mounted units from brands like Mitsubishi, LG, and Fujitsu ductless have been on the market for years. Installing these units in existing homes can sometimes be challenging due to the home’s design.

In 2018 Mitsubishi introduced the MLZ Ceiling Cassette – a flush-mounted ceiling unit resembling an ordinary ceiling vent. While ceiling cassettes aren’t new either, it’s the design that makes the MLZ exciting (and better).

The Mitsubishi MLZ Ceiling Cassette is designed to fit in existing homes without the need for major demolition. The benefits of ductless over ducted air conditioners are many, and the MLZ now makes the technology available to more homeowners than ever before.

I won’t be surprised if the MLZ overtakes the FH as the best-selling Mitsubishi ductless air conditioner in the next few years.


Read a detailed review of the Mitsubishi MLZ ductless one-way ceiling cassette


What’s New in 2019 Air Conditioners? 


  • All of the models mentioned in this article will continue to be manufactured throughout 2019 to the best of my knowledge.


  • Trane recently introduced a new shorter furnace that will make their equipment applicable in applications they wouldn’t previously fit.


  • Lennox brings a newly designed split-system heat pump as well as A/C & Gas combination to the party. I believe this will be the one to challenge the popular Trane XR16 as well as the XR17.


  • Mitsubishi has announced several new models as well as enhancements to some of their existing lineup (more to come).


  • We’re still in the vetting process, but all signs point to York making a reappearance to the Magic Touch offering portfolio in 2019. While once a staple in our recommended brands, there were some quality control issues that concerned us years ago. As a result, we removed them from our “recommended” brands. Better designs and better warranty coverage have got us looking again (more to come here too!).



Buying a New AC Unit in 2019?

Make your voice count and help your favorite model make it on the my 2019 list!

Magic Touch Mechanical installs new central air and ductless mini-split systems throughout the Greater Phoenix Metro area. From Chandler / Sun Lakes to Rio Verde & Apache Junction / Gold Canyon to Surprise – you’re on our turf!

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