Attic Insulation an Important Factor in Phoenix, AZ

Often overlooked by many homeowners and air conditioning companies alike, attic insulation plays a vital role in your comfort and energy costs in the Phoenix Metro area of Arizona.

Many people are under the impression that once insulation is installed at the time their home is built that it never needs attention ever again. Quite the opposite is true!

Magic Touch Mechanical, Inc. based in Mesa, AZ and servicing the entire Phoenix area and surrounding cities performs hundreds of whole-home energy audits and infrared thermal imaging scans every year on homes and commercial buildings. More often than not, our certified building analysts (energy auditors) find significant deficiencies in the original installation of insulation by the builders and their sub-contractors rendering the insulation somewhat useless and causing comfort issues such as hot-spots and uneven temperatures between rooms.

Many HVAC Companies would have you believe you can solve this issue with a new or “bigger” A/C unit…perhaps the worst advice you can get in our trained expert opinion.

To help AZ homeowners understand more about different types of insulation and what is best for their home, office, and wallet, we created a new resource with information targeted only on insulation.  The resource is one of our new “mini” websites and can be found at

This new website was designed to give homeowners and building owners the basics on different types of insulation and their applications specifically in our dry desert climate. Of course we can provide you with much more specific information based on your needs and budget simply by calling us at 480-422-5917 seven days a week!