Why Air Duct Cleaning Is Important

We strongly recommend any home that has ductwork (which is most homes) schedule regular duct cleaning services with our professionals. Most houses need this job every few years, so if you’ve never had duct cleaning done, you’re almost certainly overdue for it!

If you have ducts that are damaged instead of dirty, we’re also the people who can help: our experts handle duct repair in Mesa, AZ and elsewhere in the Phoenix area.

3 Reasons Air Duct Cleaning is Vital in Phoenix

  • It prevents drops in HVAC efficiency: Take a moment to think about how much work your air conditioning system does during a typical Phoenix summer. That’s an enormous amount of conditioned air sent through the vents, and a fan working almost around the clock. Now imagine the build-up of dust and other debris collecting on the duct walls and the resistance it creates against the airflow. It won’t take long for that resistance to force your air conditioner to work harder and harder, draining power. And this applies to the shorter period when your furnace is working. Congested ductwork that doesn’t receive regular cleaning will raise your energy bills needlessly.
  • It stops damage to the HVAC system: Air duct cleaning not only makes the HVAC system more efficient, it also helps protect its components from suffering damage due to dust and other particles. It only requires a small amount of dust over motors and on components like the refrigerant coil in an AC to lead to malfunctions and a system that doesn’t work the way it should.
  • It helps maintain better indoor air quality: The average six-room home circulates 40 lbs. of dust through the HVAC system annually. Much of this dust can get caught inside the ductwork. This is a huge reservoir for air contaminants, something especially hazardous for people in a home with allergies and asthma. But technicians who offer duct cleaning can remove this massive source of indoor air pollution, creating a healthier household.

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It’s simple to schedule duct cleaning in Phoenix and the surrounding areas. Contact our office and we can arrange for this service to help you move into fall with a healthy HVAC system… and healthy home!

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