When Should I Install a New Thermostat?

Your air conditioning and heating system contains several pieces of equipment that work together in order to get your home to the proper temperature. Compressors, heat exchangers, refrigerant, coils, and burners may all participate in heat production or heat exchange, and as long as all of the parts are in top shape, your AC equipment should remain efficient. But none of these parts can operate correctly without a functioning thermostat.

Choosing An Efficient Thermostat

Thermostat Installation, Phoenix

The thermostat is most likely the part of your AC and heating system that you are most familiar with. What you may not know about your thermostat, however, is that it might not help your air conditioner or heater to run as efficiently as possible. When this is true of your thermostat, call on the friendly technicians at Magic Touch to get a thermostat that better suits your needs.

You may find yourself in need of a new thermostat if your old one isn’t functioning quite as well as it could. The thermostat is supposed to communicate to your unit that it is time for it to switch on. If your heating and AC unit does not turn on at all. Alternatively, poor thermostat wiring may force the unit to turn on and off repeatedly, shutting down before the heating or cooling cycle is complete, an issue known as short cycling. Both of these problems may be indicative of other system troubles, so consult a technician before assuming a new thermostat is the best fix.

Types of Thermostats

You may decide to install a new thermostat simply because your current model is outdated. Today, there are many different types of thermostats you may choose between, including standard digital models, wireless thermostats, and smart thermostats. Wireless thermostats may perform more efficiently than other models, and smart thermostats allow you the ability to control your HVAC system from anywhere via an application on your smart phone.

In short, you should install a new thermostat when you decide you want greater performance and better efficiency from your heater and AC. A new thermostat may have advanced programming settings, so you can make sure your system saves energy and remains at the most efficient temperature at all times.

Thermostats are more likely to perform at their best when trained technicians put them into place and make sure they’re properly calibrated. Call the friendly technicians at Magic Touch today for professional thermostat installation in Phoenix.