When Maintenance Isn’t Enough: Replacing Your AC

Last week we addressed one of the most important jobs to schedule during the year for your household comfort: professional air conditioning maintenance. In city that can get as blazing hot during the middle of the year as Phoenix doe, an air conditioning system needs as much help as it can get to work effectively all the way through to the late fall.

There will come a point in the service life of any air conditioner when maintenance no longer does enough to keep the system working it best—or perhaps working at all. If your AC needs to be replaced, now is the best time to have it done so you can beat out the coming heat. Below are times to consider air conditioner replacement:

  • The AC is more than 15 years old: In general, air conditioners will last between 10–15 years if they receive regular maintenance. Once your AC ages past this point, replacing it before it starts to decline or puts your summer comfort at risk is a wise idea.
  • You experienced multiple repairs last season: Did you need to repair your air conditioner more than once last summer? Were the repair bills greater than $500? If so, you’re spending too much for AC repairs… plus you’re receiving a warning the system is starting to fail and is at risk of suffering a sudden breakdown.
  • Electrical bills are rising: Look over your electrical bills during the summer for the past two years. Is there is rise in costs, even if you haven’t been running the AC more than usual? This upward trend is a sign of an air conditioner in decline. If the AC is more than 10 years old, start planning putting in a new system.
  • Home remodeling: If you have plans to do some major remodeling on your home, replacing a conventional AC with a ductless model is a very good idea that will benefit both your remodeling and your air conditioning.

Let the air conditioning experts at Magic Touch Mechanical in Phoenix, AZ help you when you’re thinking of AC replacement.