Watch Out for Failed Air Conditioning Capacitors During the Heat!

When the heat rises to intense levels in Phoenix, air conditioners will put in an immense amount of work. Although ACs are built with durability in mind, even the best system can suffer from problems when the ambient heat becomes overwhelming. One problem that our technicians at Magic Touch often encounter during heat waves is the capacitors in air conditioners failing.

What does a capacitor do in an AC?

A capacitor is an electronic device that works something like a temporary battery. It transmits an electric charge to a motor. In an air conditioning system, capacitors are part of the electrical system that runs the motors for the fans and the compressors. Start capacitors send voltage to get a motor started, and run capacitors send voltage at regular intervals to keep the motor running. Should a capacitor fail, it can cause the motor to either not start up at all or have trouble running continuously.

Heat can cause capacitors to fail

Heat can significantly shorten the life of a capacitor. Most capacitors are desgined to cope with the heat that comes from the mechanical devices inside the air conditioner; but when the outside temperatures soar to high levels (such as during August in Phoenix) it can become intense enough that it will cause the capacitor to fail prematurely.

How to tell a capacitor is failing

There are a number of ways you can catch a capacitor in trouble before it fails. If you heat a clicking noise coming from the air conditioning system each time the compressor or the fans turn on, it usually means a struggling capacitor. If the air conditioner begins to “hard-start” (encounter trouble when it turns on) it may also indicates capacitor issues. Call for professional repair technicians to look into the problem and see if the capacitors need to be replaced.

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