3 Quick Heating Tips for Furnace or Heat Pump Owners

Furnaces are the most common type of heating systems here in the Phoenix, AZ area, and we have three tips for how you can get your furnace to work at its best through the season. You can help reduce the chance of malfunctions, a breakdown, and inefficient performance leading to higher utility bills.

Can Bad Ductwork Design Lower My Home’s Air Quality?

One of the biggest negative consequences is how much bad ductwork wastes power. However, we’ll talk about that more in another post, because right now we want to look at the serious problems that bad, leaky ductwork has on your indoor air quality.

4 Things You Can Do for Better Heating System Performance

Heating your Peoria, Arizona home efficiently may not seem like a huge priority, given that for 8 months out of the year temperatures typically soar over 100 degrees. Although your heating system will only be used for a few months, you want to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck when you do need it, right?