Should I Include Zone Controls with My New HVAC System Installation?

If you’ve chosen to have a new air conditioning and/or heating system installed in your home this month, you’ll have a few choices for features to include with it, such as a Wi-Fi thermostat (something that we highly recommend). Another of those options is putting in zone control.

What Is Zone Control?

A zone control system is a way to divide the inside of your house into several separate “zones” for purposes of heating and cooling. A set of dampers connected to local thermostats and monitored through a central control panel can manipulate which rooms receive cooling (or heating) and which don’t. This is different from the standard central HVAC system, which sends conditioned air to each vent and room, whether it needs it or not.

Reasons You May Want Zone Control

Putting in a zone control system is a good idea if you live in a large home and you’re accustomed to seeing high bills for your air conditioning during the summer. Ask yourself how much of your house is empty during the average period when you need to run the AC. If it seems that a lot of spaces that don’t require cooling will get it anyway, then you should have zone controls put in.

If your house has a number of rooms that are empty for long stretches, such as a guestroom, then zone control is also a good idea. In this case, you may only want to put in a few zones, such as for the infrequently used rooms.

It’s always a better idea to have zone control done as part of a new HVAC installation, rather than arranging for it as a retrofit. A retrofit can be done, but it’s much easier to make it part of the initial installing work. Speak to your professional installer to help you decide if including zone controls is a good investment.

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