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Your Tempe, AZ HVAC Contractor

Magic Touch Mechanical is the trusted choice for quality heating and air conditioning services in Tempe, AZ and the surrounding area. Whether you’re in the market for a new air conditioning installation or you are interested in performing an energy audit on your home, don’t hesitate to give us a call! Our expert technicians have experience working with a number of heating and air conditioning systems. Give us a call today to schedule heating and air conditioning services in Tempe, AZ.

Air Conditioning Services in Tempe, AZ

We are your air conditioning service specialists in the greater Tempe, AZ area, as we can handle just about anything when it comes to cooling systems. We use only high quality equipment and we make sure that our clients get through the heat comfortably, no matter how hard the sun bears down. When you need air conditioning installation, repair or maintenance services in Tempe, AZ, simply give us a call!

Tempe, AZ Air Conditioning Services

Air Conditioning Installation Service

Whether you’re in the market for a new AC for your home, or you find that your existing AC has failed you one last time, we can oblige you with outstanding AC installation services in Tempe, AZ.

The AC experts at Magic Touch Mechanical offer installation and service on a number of different air conditioning system including:

  • Central Air Conditioners
  • Heat Pumps
  • Ductless Air Conditioners
  • Solar Air Conditioners
  • Swamp Coolers
  • Thermostats
  • Zone Control Systems, and more!

AC Repair in Tempe, AZ

All air conditioners break down at some point, and it’s important that yours be taken care of when it does. We can handle all of your AC repair needs in Tempe, AZ. Give us a call right away if you’ve noticed that your system isn’t cooling as much as it used to or if you’ve seen an increase in your home’s energy bills. We’ll have an experienced AC technician to your home in no time to provide the air conditioning repairs you need.

Routine Air Conditioning Maintenance

Looking for air conditioning tune–up services in Tempe, AZ? Magic Touch Mechanical provides professional AC maintenance services to ensure that your system is appropriately cleaned, tuned–up and inspected for maximum performance. Not only will regular maintenance help to keep your system working for years to come, but it will also help you achieve maximum efficiency. Work with us today to learn more about our home performance services or to schedule air conditioning maintenance in Tempe, AZ.

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Heating Services in Tempe, AZ

We all know that we have got it pretty good when it comes to avoiding winter temperatures here in Tempe, AZ, but nevertheless, it’s important that you have a decent and reliable heating system that will deliver powerful and efficient heating throughout your house, no matter what size it may be. We specialize in heating services throughout the area, including installation, replacement, repair and maintenance.

Heater Repair & Maintenance

Our heating repair service can have your furnace, heat pump or fireplace back up and running in no time at all. We specialize in a wide range of heating systems and we can handle just about anything. Call us today.

New Heating System Installation

Whether you find that your heat pump no longer functions exactly as it should or you want to make sure that your new furnace is appropriately sized and integrated into your home, we can oblige you with outstanding service. When you need a new heater installed in your Tempe home, give the heating experts at Magic Touch Mechanical a call!

We offer installation and repair services on a number of different heating systems in Tempe, AZ including:

  • Fireplaces
  • Gas & Electric Furnaces
  • Heat Pumps
  • Pool Heaters
  • Thermostats
  • Zone Control Systems, and more!

Call the heating experts at Magic Touch Mechanical today for quality heating repair, installation and maintenance services in Tempe, AZ.

Indoor Air Quality Services

Poor indoor air quality is one of the many problems affecting our homes today. Whether you find that your humidity level is far too low for your liking, or your indoor air is full of excessive contaminants and pollutants, we can make sure that such problems are eliminated. We provide our customers with exceptional indoor air quality services throughout the Tempe, AZ area, including duct cleaning, humidifiers, dehumidifiers and energy and heat recovery ventilators.

Tempe Duct Cleaning Services

Over time, all air ducts accumulate dust, dander and other debris that can prove detrimental to efficient airflow and decent indoor air quality. But with our air duct cleaning service, such issues won’t last long.

Whole–Home Air Purifiers

Are you looking for a way to improve your indoor air quality? If so, then a professionally installed and serviced air purifier is a good place to start. Let us know what you need.

Home Performance Services

In addition to our HVAC services, we are also home performance specialists. At Magic Touch Mechanical, we take energy efficiency seriously because we know that our customers like to save money on their expenses, especially considering the long cooling season here in Tempe, AZ. Whether you need an energy audit for a home you just purchased or you need to replace your existing insulation, our technicians are here to assist you.

Keep Your Indoor Climate Consistent with Insulation

Adequate insulation is absolutely critical if you want to make sure that your home is energy efficient and that you are able to heat and cool your home effectively for years to come.

A professionally installed radiant barrier can dramatically increase your home’s comfort and energy efficiency throughout the winter and summer months. Get in touch with our technicians for further details.

We Offer Home Energy Audits

We specialize in energy audits throughout the Tempe, AZ area, and we use only the latest diagnostic equipment to ensure that we give you a thorough evaluation of where your home is losing its thermal energy. Call us today.

Commercial Air Conditioning & Heating Services in Tempe, AZ

As a leading provider of commercial services throughout the Tempe, AZ area, we take pride in the ability of our trained and certified HVAC technicians to take care of just about everything. From the installation of a new commercial heating system and follow–up maintenance to emergency air conditioning repair for your rooftop HVAC system, we are your service experts when it comes to installing and servicing commercial heating, cooling, indoor air quality, refrigeration and kitchen equipment.

Commercial HVAC Services

We understand that a successful business need to consider its employees’ and customers’ year–round comfort. We install and service commercial heaters and air conditioners throughout the Tempe, AZ area.

Let us take care of your cooling problems at your commercial space. Whether you notice that your existing system is making a strange sound or you know that you need to have it replaced, just give us a call and we’ll be right over.

Commercial Indoor Air Quality Services

Let us make sure that you’re breathing clean air inside your home. We specialize in commercial indoor air quality solutions throughout the Tempe, AZ area.

Commercial Refrigeration & Kitchen Equipment

Our commercial refrigeration services are comprehensive, including not only the installation of new coolers and freezers, but also the routine maintenance and repair needed to keep them in good working order.

Whether you find that your commercial fryer has broken down again or you have your eye on a new wine refrigerator, we can make sure that you have the quality equipment and services that you need. We specialize in commercial kitchen equipment services throughout the Tempe, AZ area. Call today.

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