fireplace restoration

Fireplace Restoration

Have you been considering giving your fireplace a new look but not sure where to begin? Our fireplace restoration services may be just what you need to transform the look and feel of your fireplace. You don’t have spend thousands and deal with all the hassles of a complete fireplace remodel to get a fresh new look. Magic Touch can restore your fireplace by replacing all of the internal components with something more modern or something that better matches your decor.

If you would like to update the look and operation of your fireplace to match the other modern upgrades and improvements made to your home, you should give Magic Touch Mechanical a call today! We have been upgrading the components and “modernizing” fireplaces in and near the Phoenix, AZ area since 1997.

Restoring a gas fireplace is a specialized service, and should only be done by trained professionals. While gas fireplaces are safe when installed and maintained by licensed technicains, they can be very dangerous when not properly installed or maintained. Our fireplace experts at Magic Touch Mechanical are trained and equipped to take care of the job of completely restoring your fireplace so that you can use it with the surety that it is safe and efficient. If you have a damaged fireplace or an aging one that you think needs restoration in the Phoenix, AZ area, give us a call right away and ask about our services.

Would you like to give your fireplace a more modern look? Magic Touch Mechanical specializes in turning old lackluster fireplaces into a modern fireplace that becomes the focal point of the room. One of our most popular options is replacing old fake-wood log-sets with fire glass and stainless steel burner pans. We offer a wide variety of options and colors to match any decor and color palette.

What Is Involved In A Gas Fireplace Restoration?

Restoring a gas fireplace is going a step beyond just repairing the existing components. Restoration often involves resurfacing areas of the firebox or insert, that have been damaged, warped, or discolored over the years. Many times restoration requires performing a full rebuild of all of the internal components of the fireplace, with new gas–valves, ignotors, burners, and log–set.

Most of the time, our clients choose to remodel their fireplace for aesthetic reasons alone. There may be nothing wrong with the fireplace that a simple cleaning and some adjustments can’t fix – but they want to improve the look and operation of their gas fireplace. Some of the most common remodel requests we recieve include:

  • Installing a gas fireplace remote control
  • Replacing an old log–set with a nicer set
  • Replacing an old log–set with a modern burner pan
  • Installing colored fire glass
  • Installing a push–button ignitor
  • Replacing a standing pilot light with an electronic ignition system

There are many options available when it comes to remodeling the inside of a fireplace to make it the focal point of the room!

Arrange for Fireplace Remodel with Magic Touch Mechanical

If you are tired of seeing an outdated fireplace in your house, you should call Magic Touch Mechanical in Mesa, AZ and arrange for our fireplace professionals to look into it, we provide gas fireplace restoration service throughout the entire Phoenix–Metropolitan area. If you want to have a fireplace that looks modern once again, ask us if a complete restoration is possible on your fireplace.

*NOTE: Magic Touch Mechanical does not provide fireplace mantle remodels, masonry work, or other remodels outside of the fireplace. Our specialists focus on remodeling the inner–workings and components of existing gas fireplaces only. We do not install new fireplaces where one doesn’t already exist, nor do we work on wood–burning fireplaces. We recommend contacting a General Contractor if you are looking to remodel the exterior of your fireplace or need masonry repairs.

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