Sally’s Story

Not too long ago an air conditioning condenser of the Lennox variety was born in a little place known as Texas to the XC21 family. Magic Touch came across this 3-Ton XC21 air conditioner as just one of many like it in a recent stocking order. This unit was installed and then replaced with the heat pump model that was supposed to go where it had been in the first place, by an evil ogre…let’s call him Rick.

Rick, tried to make this little air conditioner provide electric heat to a nice family that didn’t have a gas furnace for it to connect with, only a new electric air handler meant to work side by side with a heat pump condenser not an air conditioner condenser. When the evil ogre, Rick realized this air conditioner only worked well with a gas furnace, he grew angry and forced the little air conditioner to go live in Magic Touch’s warehouse again. Where it’s been patiently waiting for the last several weeks for its new home.

This unit deserves a special home it can call its own with a caring family, couple, or single person. We’re excited to tell you that we’ve pre-installed this unit already to “pre-test it” 🙂 for the lucky new owners, and can guarantee it works really well, so we’ve saved this lucky person(s) all the anxiety of a…brand-brand new purchase.

This unit, (we’ve named her Sally as we’ve spent so much time around her in the last few weeks)…Sally, comes complete with all of the standard factory and MTM warranties, coverage’s and guarantees as well as all the trimmings that we give with every installation.

Here’s the best part…Sally can be placed in a caring home for $1500 less than air conditioners of her kind regularly go for! That’s the $750 stocking order discount we were already offering on her model PLUS an additional $750 off, for the person(s) who will love and treat her better than the evil ogre Rick treated her (by placing her in a home where she didn’t feel needed).

Sally is young; in fact she’s only seen the sun shine once in her life, and only for that one day. She’s energetic, eager to please, and very quiet. She is a little large for her age (3 tons in fact) but that has worked to her advantage and made her really efficient. She’s very pretty; some would say she’s even got a certain shining quality about her. Sally is what I would describe as a low maintenance kind of gal, she is perfectly content just sitting quietly out of the way. Most of the time you hardly even know she’s there, but when you get up real close you can see she is just diligently working…almost silently.

She’s great around kids, and you can feel completely at ease knowing even small kids are safe around her. She also plays very nicely with gas furnaces and cooling coils. When you see how she gets along with an evaporative cooling coil it’s so nice, it just chills you right out and you feel totally relaxed and comfortable.

We want to see Sally have her day in the sun again! She has a long and productive life ahead of her and will make some lucky person, couple or family very proud and happy for many years to come. We would keep her ourselves but we have so many more like her that we take in until we can find wonderful homes for them, that we just don’t have the room!

Please help us find Sally a good home. We will even personally deliver her, and set up her new place in the back yard! And we’ll stick around while she settles in, to guarantee her new family is satisfied with her. We want to see Sally in a happy home so badly that we’d like permission to come check on her once or twice a year. We’ll even bring our family doctor on our visits so he can do her regular physicals; he’s very reasonably priced and very experienced.

Thank you for listening to Sally’s story. We hope you can help!

PS. Turns out the evil ogre Rick was just confused that day and is actually a very nice ogre. We even saw him gently putting Sally down for a nap in the warehouse not too long ago. He wants to help Sally find a nice home too!