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Stainless Steel Gas Fireplace Burner Pan

Fake wood fireplace log sets can be stunning and match many different types of decor. However, for those looking for something more clean and modern the Stainless Steel Gas Fireplace Burner Pan is sure to please!

Magic Touch Mechanical has been remodeling gas fireplaces and outdoor fire pits for clients throughout the Phoenix, AZ Metro area for years. Many of our clients didn’t even know replacing their gas logs was even an option. The results are always the same – they all love their new fireplaces. Adding a stainless steel burner gas fireplace burner pan filled with your choice of fire glass changes the entire room.¬†

Your fireplace will quickly become the focal point of the room. Even when you’re not using your fireplace, this package is stunning – but add fire and the flames dance across shimmering glass!


stainless gas fireplace pan


Stainless Steel Gas Fireplace Burner Pan Modernization

None of the other gas appliances we install every day get quite the same “ooh’s & ahh’s” when we’re finished as our gas fireplace modernization remodels do. We get it, furnaces aren’t pretty, they’re just functional. A great fireplace on the other hand – that’s something you can show off while it keeps the room toasty warm.

This gas fireplace restoration typically includes:

  • 1 stainless steel 22″ or 30″ gas fireplace burner pan (oval or rectangular)
  • 20-pounds of 1/2″ or 1/4″ fire glass with 22″ pan (your color choice)
  • 30-pounds of 1/2″ or 1/4″ fire glass with 30″ pan (your color choice)

Over 80 gorgeous fire glass colors, types and size options! Choose your favorite here.

  • Removal of existing gas fireplace burner, log-set, and ancillary materials
  • Basic firebox cleaning
  • One new gas flex connection line
  • Misc. gas fittings
  • All labor & materials

*Optional upgrades including; gas fireplace remote controls, push-button igniters, and upgraded fire glass types can be purchased for an additional investment.


stainless steel fireplace burner


Stainless Steel Gas Fireplace Burner Pan Dimensions

Oval or Rectangular

  • Small¬†(22″W x 10″D x 4″H)
  • Large (30″W x 10″D x 4″H)


Stainless Steel Gas Fireplace Burner Pan Installation Information

Magic Touch Mechanical provides fireplace remodel and modernization packages to homeowners in the Phoenix, AZ Metro Area & surrounding cities. See if you’re in our Service Area.

The Stainless Steel Gas Fireplace Burner Pan can be installed in most natural vented gas fireplaces utilizing either natural gas or propane (please specify your fuel source when scheduling). All fireplaces require inspection by one of our qualified technicians prior to ordering for your safety and protection.


stainless fireplace pan