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Convert Your Wood Burning Fireplace to Gas

When you convert your wood burning fireplace to natural gas or propane, you don’t have to worry about a “no burn day” ever again. The Phoenix area has many no burn days throughout the year especially around the holidays. When you convert your wood-burning fireplace to gas, you can light a fire whenever you want! No burn days only apply to wood burning fireplaces, not gas fireplaces. That means whenever you feel like lighting your fireplace you can thanks to your new gas fireplace insert!


How We Convert Wood Fireplaces to Gas Fireplaces

To convert your wood fireplace to a gas fireplace, we start by inspecting your existing wood fireplace, chimney, and surround. We’ll also evaluate your home’s natural gas plumbing to determine what’s needed to fuel your new gas fireplace insert. We take all of the needed measurements and work with you to discover the look you’re going for. Next we’ll discuss your timeline, budget, and features that are important to you. Our gas fireplace experts then find all the gas fireplace insert options that meet your requirements. Once we find your perfect gas fireplace insert, the fun begins!


Replacing a Gas Fireplace Insert with a New One

If we’re replacing an older, outdated, or broken gas fireplace insert, your entire project can typically be complete in just one or two days! Of course, every project is unique, so timing depends on what options and additional remodeling you’ve chosen. We begin by removing all of the old components, framing, connections, etc. If your new gas fireplace insert requires modifications or replacement of existing venting, framing, electrical, or gas plumbing, we complete that work next.

Once the location is prepared and cleaned, we’re ready to install your new gas fireplace insert, make connections, adjustments, trim, and startup!





Installing Your New Gas Fireplace Insert (Wood to Gas Conversion)

If we’re converting a wood fireplace to a gas fireplace, the first step is routing your new gas line to the fireplace. This step is different for every home and there’s no, “one size fits all” installation. Phoenix and surrounding cities require permits, testing, and inspections when installing new gas lines in a home. Depending on the complexity of the gas pipe installation, we’ll provide a quote, work with your plumber, or recommend one.

Many homes equipped with natural gas also have gas stubs installed by the original builder for future use. A gas stub is a functional gas line with a cap on it to be used later on. For example, many homes have a gas stub in the backyard so the homeowner can install a gas grill after purchase. Often homeowners didn’t know they already had a gas stub or have seen it but didn’t know what it was for. We’ll help you determine if you have any existing gas stubs and if so, if its location is useable for your new fireplace insert.

Once the gas line installation is complete, the steps are similar to replacing an existing fireplace insert (above). The main difference being, your wood burning hearth probably used the masonry chimney as a vent. If so, the chimney will likely need cleaning to remove creosote and may require other repairs or modifications. Once the masonry chimney is prepped, we install a new vent system top to bottom.


Gas Logs, Fire Glass, Decorative Rock, Fire Balls, & Fire Shapes

In the hearth industry, we refer to the decor inside your gas fireplace insert as the “media”. Gas logs – the more “traditional” look are still the most popular with The Fire Place by Magic Touch clients. However, you have many options nowadays that were not available years ago. If you prefer the look of colored fire glass, fire balls (cannonballs), there are several options available from different manufacturers.





NFI Trained Gas Fireplace Insert Install in Phoenix & Nearby Cities

If you’ve read any of our blog posts, you know we post many DIY and how-to type articles for our readers. Many people are very handy and capable of taking on DIY projects & repairs around their home. Many of our commercial fireplace clients, (like some of the hotels & resorts we complete fireplace services for) have extremely knowledgeable maintenance people. However, there’s a lot to know when it comes to installing a gas fireplace insert and what you don’t know can cause serious property damage, injury, or loss of life. Always hire a professional contractor with gas fireplace specific training, knowledge, and experience for a project like this.

hearth-patio-barbecue-associationOur fireplace service technicians at the Fire Place by Magic Touch receive ongoing training from organizations like NFI (National Fireplace Institute), HPBA (Hearth, Patio, and Barbecue Association), and others. We also provide hundreds of hours of in-house training for our technicians on how to specify, maintain, install, and repair, all types and models of combustion appliances & electro-mechanical equipment.

If you need maintenance, repair, installation, or replacement of your gas fireplace insert, contact the team at The Fire Place by Magic Touch – you’ll be glad you did!