Don’t Ignore the Potential of Using a Humidifier in Our Dry Climate!

A desert is any region where there is little precipitation, making it hard for plant and animal life to thrive. A desert doesn’t actually have to be hot, it just has to be dry. (Technically, Antarctica is a desert, with almost no precipitation and scarce life.)

Of course, most deserts are also incredibly hot as well. The Valley of the Sun is one of the driest areas in the U.S. that also has a large population. Coping with the heat during the middle of the year is difficult, which is why you always want the assistance of our HVAC professionals for your air conditioning services in Chandler, AZ and elsewhere in the Valley. But since a desert also means dry conditions, having a dehumidifier installed can be a tremendous help for your home comfort and your health.

Strangely, humidification equipment isn’t standard here in the Phoenix area. Humidity on average through most of the year is between 35% and 40%, which is lower than what’s considered the maximum comfort zone of 50% to 60%. (Over 60% and you’re running into muggy conditions.) There are points in our year when the humidity can drop down below 10%, and it often hovers around 15% to 20%.

Why aren’t more people using humidifiers in Phoenix, AZ? One reason is that we don’t rely on furnaces as heavily here, and people associate furnaces with drying out the air. Another reason is people often assume their homes don’t have sufficient room for a humidifier. People become more focused on air conditioning and air filtration for home comfort and health.

Why We Recommend Looking into a Humidifier

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with looking for the best in energy efficiency for an air conditioning installation in Mesa, AZ, or for indoor air quality services with air filters and air purifiers. Our technicians can help you find exactly what installations and replacements you require for a comfortable home. But one of those installations we may recommend is a humidifier. We encourage you to take the initiative to learn more about why a humidifier installation may be a great choice for your house:

  • Better winter comfort: One of the driest times in Phoenix is the winter. Low humidity makes cool weather feel colder because it allows heat to leave the body faster. Although it doesn’t get bone-chilling cold here in the Valley, the proper use of a humidifier can make it feel warm enough in a home that it may not even be necessary to run the heating system! You end up with comfort and energy savings.
  • Improved health: Arid weather rapidly dries out people’s sinuses and mucus membranes, which are a major defense against illnesses like flus and the common cold. This can help in summer, but again it’s a huge help during the winter.
  • Stop damage to wood and painted surfaces: The same way that dry conditions allow heat to escape from the human body, it allows moisture to escape from surfaces in a home. This is especially damaging for wood, which will start to crack and warp, and paint, which peels.

Remember, it’s crucial to have our professionals handle your humidifier installation in Gilbert, AZ. The humidifier must create balanced humidity, around 50% relative humidity, and not end up making conditions too muggy. Our indoor air quality experts will see that you have the right size of humidifier and that it fits into your home perfectly.

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