Magic Touch Now Mitsubishi Preferred

Mitsubishi Ductless Names Magic Touch Mechanical a Preferred Diamond Contractor


Mitsubishi has long been the top selling ductless air conditioning brand in the USA, for the same reasons we recommend their AC & Heat Pump Systems. They are dependable, efficient, quiet, and offer unmatched performance.


Magic Touch Mechanical earned “Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor” status years ago by immersing our employees in factory certified training and getting excellent ratings from Mitsubishi owners whose equipment we installed and/or service. As a Diamond Contractor, we give customers 5-years longer factory warranty on all parts, for a full 12-Years warranty, vs. only 7-years standard factory warranty (when purchased from a non-diamond contractor).

Magic Touch Reaches a New Milestone


Today, we learned Mitsubishi Air Conditioning & Heating elevated Magic Touch’s status to “Diamond Contractor Preferred”!


Preferred status is not given away lightly by Mitsubishi. In fact, only one other HVAC Contractor in the Phoenix, AZ area has earned this prestigious designation. It’s not about quantity either, it’s all about quality.


Just earning regular Diamond status is not as easy, as just selling installing Mitsubishi products; in fact, there are only ten Diamond Contractors in the entire valley. To put that in perspective, there almost 2,000 licensed AC Companies in AZ…and many more unlicensed. So, earning Preferred Diamond Contractor status is even tougher!


What Does “Diamond Contractor Preferred” Even Mean?


Of the almost 2000 cooling and heating contractors in AZ, I would guess several hundred contractors sell and install Mitsubishi Ductless equipment – especially when you consider it is the number one sold brand in the country.


When you then consider only ten of them have the factory training, certifications, and customer feedback to be called Mitsubishi Diamond Contractors, being designated as one of only two Preferred Diamond Contractors means Magic Touch Mechanical has established ourselves as the best of the best!


Magic Touch Mechanical Dedicated to Training


The most important day of an air conditioners life is the day it is installed. What I mean by that is; how an AC is designed and installed determines its longevity, reliability, efficiency, and performance…for the rest of its life.


Ductless and VFR (Variable Flow Refrigerant) cooling and heating systems are high-tech, sophisticated, and require a higher level of expertise than conventional HVAC systems to design, install, service, and maintain. Not every air conditioning contractor can design and install these systems successfully – unfortunately many homeowners find this out the hard way all too often. We know this because we are often called to the rescue for these customers. Sometimes the only solution is complete removal because the wrong equipment was chosen, or it was installed so poorly it can’t be fixed.


For this reason, Magic Touch invests a lot of time, money, and resources to assure our HVAC Installers and Service Technicians receive ongoing factory training directly from Mitsubishi. Just today (I wrote this article on 4/2/18), four of our employees and myself were in an all-day Mitsubishi training class!


For Mitsubishi owners, the 12-Year warranty coverage given only when installed by a Diamond Contractor is an obvious benefit. Those who choose a Preferred Diamond Contractor receive the additional benefit of knowing their unit is being installed by the most highly trained contractor in their area – with the happiest customers.




Magic Touch Commits to be the Largest Mitsubishi Ductless Contractor in Arizona!


If you’ve read our blog before, you know our approach to new AC unit sales is “We offer options not ultimatums”. We are premier dealers for the best brands in the business-like Trane, Lennox, and Daikin to name a few.


We won’t just sell any brand and chance sacrificing the stellar reputation we’ve spent the last twenty years earning. In order for us to recommend a brand, it has to meet our rigorous quality standards, low failure rates, and customer service expectations.


Mitsubishi Ductless has proven to be the best of the best in their own right and for that reason we highly recommend their products. We love this product so much, we’ve committed to sell and install more Mitsubishi Ductless systems than all of our competitors. What does that mean to our clients you might ask? It means when you choose Magic Touch to design and install your new Mitsubishi Ductless system, you are guaranteed to have chosen the most knowledgeable and capable company in the entire Phoenix-Metro area!