Magic Touch BBB Torch Award Finalist

Magic Touch Mechanical Named 2018 BBB Torch Awards for Ethics Finalist

Back in 2008 Magic Touch Mechanical was named Winner of the BBB Business Ethics Award. Exactly 10-years later, we are excited to announce we were once again chosen as one of three in our category for this very prestigious award!

This news marks the third time the Magic Touch Team was a named a Finalist for what is arguably the most coveted award any business can have bestowed upon them. Previously MTM was a Finalist in 2007, 2008, (2008 WINNER), and now again in 2018.

Magic Touch Mechanical No Stranger to Winning Awards


When you walk into the Magic Touch offices in Mesa, AZ., aside from being greeted by one of our friendly Customer Service Representatives, visitors will also notice a lighted curio cabinet filled with the many customer service awards we have received from utility companies, and manufacturers over the 20-years we’ve been in business.

Walking further into the offices, every wall is lined with plaques and awards from Angie’s List, Kudzu, The Business Journal, SRP, APS, Trane, Lennox, Mechanical Trade Contractors of Arizona, ACCA, and many more. Few however are displayed as proudly as the BBB Torch Award for Business Ethics.

Company founder, Rich Morgan can be quoted as saying two of the awards displayed, mark the company’s proudest moments: “One represents recognition of the quality of the work we do, the other recognizes our company for the quality of how we do business”.

The National Contractor of the Year Award given by the ACCA (Air Conditioning Contractors of America) is validation from within the HVAC Industry from the Association that literally sets the standards. The BBB Ethics Award given by the Better Business Bureau is validation from within our community from the organization that literally sets the standard on fair and ethical business practices.

There’s Something Extra Special About This One for Magic Touch!


Of course, receiving the news of being named a Finalist for such a prestigious award was both exciting and humbling at the same time for everyone on the team, but this has extra special meaning for company owners Rich & Michele Morgan.

Ten years ago, when Magic Touch Mechanical won our first BBB Torch Award, we had several employees who were just joining our team. Today, some of those same employees are department managers and company leaders, as we have, pun intended – passed the torch!

Any company is only as good as its employees, especially a home services company whose team is literally the face of the company both in consumers’ homes and offices, as well as on the phones and in the community. In other words, it is the Magic Touch Mechanical Team that earned this prestigious recognition, not just the leadership!

What makes this one extra special for Rich and Michele is the fact that it means the company’s culture, values, and original mission have carried on to the next generation (for lack of a better term). “I feel like we went from building a great company to building a great legacy.”, says company president, Rich Morgan. “The fact that the company recently turned 20-years old, and it is exactly 10-years since we last won this award, two of the biggest anniversaries a company celebrates; is the icing on the cake!”, he adds.

What Makes the BBB Torch Award for Ethics More Prestigious Than Other Awards


While Angie’s List “Super Service Awards” (which Magic Touch has won 11x), and Kudzu’s “Best of” Awards (which Magic Touch has won every year since the inception of the award itself), are great because they are a reflection of real customer reviews – if you really think about it the Better Business Bureau was literally the 1st consumer review site dating back to its founding in 1912. The BBB was working to create trust in the marketplace 93-years before even existed, and 83-years before Angie had a list!

The Better Business Bureau is a non-profit whose very mission is: To be the leader in advancing marketplace trust.

And their Vision: An ethical marketplace where buyers and sellers trust each other.

This mission and vision aligns perfectly with Magic Touch’s vision and mission which also center around earning the trust of our clients, community, and coworkers. So, while the awards from the consumer review companies validate how customers grade us – the Torch Award from the BBB validates what we stand for, what we believe in, and how we wish to improve our industry’s reputation in the marketplace.

Being Named a BBB Torch Award Finalist is an Honor


“Do we hope to win over the two other Finalists in our category – you bet! However, just as being named a Finalist in 2007 was validation that our teams hard work and ethical business practices were being recognized, and that was a great honor in and of itself – the same holds true all these years later, and we couldn’t be prouder of the team.”, said Rich Morgan.

“I’d like to personally congratulate the other Finalists for the 2018 BBB Torch Award for Ethics”, Rich added, “Even being named as a Finalist is a great honor. The competition is fierce and only top-notch companies make it this far. It’s quite the accomplishment and speaks volumes to how your companies do business.”


Awards Dinner & Ceremony to Take Place on May 15th, 2018


Once again, the BBB has chosen to hold the award ceremony at the beautiful Arizona Biltmore. Tickets for the event can be purchased by visiting the Better Business Bureau website. Come cheer our team on and support all of the Finalists during this special occasion. Rich and Michele have vowed to buy tables so everyone on the Magic Touch Team as well as a few of our industry partners can enjoy a special evening and celebration of business ethics!