Is a Ductless System a Good Option for Home Heating?

Ductless mini split heat pumps are becoming increasingly popular for providing air conditioning for homes. They are especially well-suited to new home construction, since they remove the need for space-consuming ductwork and allow for greater freedom for design. They also offer a choice for better air conditioning in older homes that would otherwise only be able to receive air conditioning from a small and ineffective window unit.

Like any heat pump, a ductless mini split can switch the direction that it works so that it can provide heat for a building as well. People who are curious about installing a ductless heat pump for their home often ask if they work as effectively and efficiently as heating systems. The answer is “absolutely,” and we’ll explain why.

Heat pumps and energy efficiency

Early heat pumps often struggled with low temperatures because it was harder for the system to draw of a sufficient amount of heat from the outdoors. (In heating mode, a heat pump must absorb heat from the outside and exhaust it to the inside.) Heat pumps have improved in operation since then, but even older heat pumps wouldn’t have encountered trouble with the mile winter climate in central Arizona. The temperature needs to be at least below freezing to affect the system’s efficiency—and that just doesn’t happen in this part of the country!

It’s true that heat pumps are not as energy efficient in heating mode when compared to their cooling mode. However, if you compare the performance of heat pumps to other electrical heating systems, such as electric furnaces, they usually cost much less to operate.

The ductless advantage

Now consider the benefits that a ductless system offers when it comes to saving energy, and you’ll understand why going with ductless heating is often a great choice. Forced-air heaters with ductwork will lose a portion of their heat through the duct walls. Ductless systems don’t have this drawback, however, which makes them one of the most energy-efficient choices you have for home heating.

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