What Is Inverter or Variable-Speed Cooling?

The technology of air conditioners is always moving ahead. If you don’t work in the HVAC industry, you probably won’t know much about the improvements manufacturers are constantly making to their products. At Magic Touch, we always keep up with the best in current energy-saving technology. That’s because we aren’t just an AC repair company—we’re home performance specialists, finding ways to make houses energy-efficient as well as comfortable.

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Inverter-Driven Variable-Speed Cooling

Let’s look at an air conditioning system that’s popular here in Phoenix, a place where intense heat for much of the year means a large chunk of a home’s energy budget goes to powering the cooling system. It’s inverter-driven variable-speed cooling. These air conditioners are ultra-high efficiency, helping to bring down some of cost of keeping an Arizona home comfortable around the year.

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The basics of these air conditioners are their inverter-driven compressors: a drive adjusts the speed of the compressor motor to change with the cooling needs in a home. A standard air conditioner has a compressor motor that works at only a single speed. The compressor motor is either on or it’s off. With the inverter-driven variable-speed air conditioning, the drive signals the cooling need to the motor of the compressor to change cooling capacity either up or down. This is a continuous process: the drive keeps changing the compressor motor speed to adapt to conditions inside the house.

Why does this make a difference? The compressor motor is the part of an air conditioner that consumes the most electrical energy. For a standard compressor, the motor operates at 100% capacity at all times, and shuts down completely when the thermostat senses the cooling target is met. It then turns back on when cooling is needed once more, but always at the same energy consumption level. But with a variable-speed compressor, the compressor motor will often work at lower capacity—40%, 60%, 80%, etc.—to adjust to cooling requirements. This not only means less energy consumption, it means there will be fewer on/off cycles, which is when the compressor draws on the most electrical power. Fewer on/off cycles also means better cooling in your home, with more even distribution because the AC will run for longer periods of time (while using less power) to spread cooling around the rooms.

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Choosing a New Air Conditioner with Our Professionals

If the time has come to replace your ailing air conditioner in Avondale, AZ or elsewhere in the Phoenix area, contact us to learn more about the option for variable-speed cooling. You never want to make a major choice for your home HVAC system—especially when it comes to your air conditioning in a place as hot as Phoenix—without the assistance of the best specialists you can find. At Magic Touch, we’re focused on energy-saving technology, and we’ll see you have the right new cooling system in your house that will not only deliver comfort for your family, but relief on your monthly utility bills!

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