Installing Ductless Air Conditioning for a Healthier Allergy Season

Spring brings with it warmer weather (warmer than our already mild winters, at least). It also brings with it an increase in allergens in the air. As soon as the temperature remains consistently high for 3 to 4 days, which usually doesn’t happen until April but started early this year, the pollen count in the air rises steeply. This can make life unpleasant even for people with modest allergies.

There are ways to control these problems when spending time outdoors, such as using medication, but when it comes to the interior of your home, there are some indoor air quality services Magic Touch Mechanical can implement that will help alleviate the amount of allergy and asthma irritants. Some of these solutions probably come right to mind such as installing; “hospital grade” HEPA air filters, air purifiers, electronic air cleaners, UV lights, and air scrubbers. One option that most people never consider or do not realize is a great option is ductless air conditioning and heating. Especially if you’re thinking of having a new AC installed this spring and you have concerns about allergies, consider going with a ductless system.

How ductless systems can help with indoor air quality

ductless air conditionerA ductless air conditioning system, also known as a ductless mini split system, sends air into a home using a set of air handlers that are mounted onto the walls in various rooms. The air handlers then connect to the outdoor condenser through refrigerant and power lines that travel through the walls. Each air handler contains its own refrigerant coil to lower air temperature and a blower to send that cooled air directly into the rooms.

Why does this benefit air quality and lower allergies? Because the process completely removes ducts, a source of air contaminants, from the process. Ductwork will over time pick up dust, dirt, dander, and in particular the most problematic of allergy triggers, pollen. Turning on a conventional AC to cool down in spring and summer means blasting out a concentration of these pollutants from inside the ducts, especially when your ducts are poorly sealed…which is very common.

But the mini air handler of a ductless system sends the air straight from the blower into the room—no ducts required! There are many other reasons to consider installing a ductless system, for example; they are extremely efficient and much quieter than conventional central air conditioning and central heating systems and offer better “room-to-room” or “zoned” comfort. Spring is the best time of the year to arrange for a new air conditioning installation, so give us a call today!

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