How to Upgrade Your Gas Fireplace

upgrade your gas fireplace

There are many ways to upgrade your gas fireplace for convenience, beauty, functionality, safety, or all the above. Here are a few a few of the most popular upgrades with Magic Touch Mechanical clients in the Phoenix area.

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Adding a Switch to Light Your Gas Fireplace

Once you’ve owned a hearth that lights or turns off with the flip of a switch, you’ll never look back! Adding a switch to light your gas fireplace provides the feeling of instant gratification. Aside from the obvious convenience of this upgrade to your gas fireplace – it’s much safer than lighting with a matchstick.

Many people are intimidated by lighting any gas appliance by hand using a match or lighter, and rightfully so. The “whoosh” of combustible gas catching fire can be a butt-puckering and eyebrow shortening experience! There’s a reason this is the number one request we get from clients looking to upgrade their gas fireplace.


Upgrade Your Gas Fireplace with a New Gas Log Set

white birch gas log setWhen I purchased my new home in Gold Canyon, AZ a couple of years ago the gas fireplace worked fine. However, it had two major flaws – it was dirty and ugly! The gas log set it came with was burnt and stained from the logs being placed in the wrong position. Even worse though, the logs looked fake and cheap.

It just so happens I know a guy (me), so I cleaned it up & installed a new log set. I went with a very attractive and natural looking white birch log set and surrounded it with glowing embers. Now when the hearth isn’t on, it looks clean and crisp with the appearance of fresh wood inside. Thanks to proper log placement the white stays white and it looks like a real campfire when it’s on.


Fire Glass, Stainless Pans & Other Modern Looks

firepit repair and cleaningSome homes and décor require a more modern looking fireplace where gas logs look out of place. This is especially true in homes that have been remodeled or furnished with more modern elements. For these homes, Magic Touch clients choose one of our “modernization” packages.

The options for fireplace modernization are practically limitless now and colors & configurations are limited only by imagination! Do you want flames to come from mirrored purple rocks covering a hidden burner – you got it. How about a gas fireplace with nothing in it other than a raised stainless pan with flames coming out of the top of the pan only – we’ve done it. Even flames appearing through a layer of river rock is a possibility!


Upgrade Your Gas Fireplace with a Remote Control

This isn’t your grandfather’s “clicker” for the television. Forget using a wall switch to turn your fireplace on & off. In fact, forget being limited to just on & off! What if I told you, you could adjust the flame height and heat output of your hearth by remote control? Well, sit down on that couch in front of you and let me hand you the remote!

Magic Touch’s expert gas fireplace service technicians install fireplace remote controls all the time. When you choose to upgrade your gas fireplace with a remote control you can add functionality you never had before – variable flame!

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You Can Update Your Outdoor Gas Fire Pit Too!

gas fire pit in ArizonaWhen you live near Phoenix, AZ you can chill outdoors by a gas fire pit all winter long! It’s been about 30-years since I moved out of NYC and traded my snow shovel for a patio ceiling fan. These days, I spend many evenings in the back yard with a drink and a smile next to the outdoor fire pit.

All the ways to upgrade your gas fireplace mentioned above and more can be applied to a fire pit also. Outdoor gas fire pits burn clean and efficient and are much more convenient than wood-burning pits. Not to mention the fact that your wardrobe wont smell like you just returned from a camping trip!


Upgrade Your Gas Fireplace or Fire Pit Near Phoenix, AZ

hearth-patio-barbecue-associationnfi trained technicians in arizonaI founded Magic Touch Mechanical 25 years ago next month. In that time, we’ve become one of the most respected HVAC & Fireplace repair service companies in all of Arizona. Literally thousands of clients have written 5-Star reviews about their experience with us upgrading or repairing their gas fireplaces and fire pits. The same thing that’s prompted our clients to write such great reviews, is the same reason we’ve always had an A+ rating with the BBB – unparalleled service!

We’re located in Mesa, AZ, and service the entire East & West Valley and even some outlying cities. From Sun Lakes to Cave Creek, Sun City to Gold Canyon – even Fountain Hills and Maricopa city – contact us to upgrade your gas fireplace today!

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