How Are Ductless Air Conditioning Systems Different from Window ACs?

The invention of window air conditioning systems in the 1950s was a major step forward in affordable residential air conditioning. In fact, it was this innovation that allowed the boom in development in the Southwest U.S. and the growth of new cities such as Phoenix.

Today, however, window ACs are not the best solution for keeping a home cool. They are still sometimes used for older homes that lack space for ducts, newer buildings trying to save space, or add-on rooms. However, there is a better option for space-saving: a ductless mini split air conditioning system.

How these two systems are different

At first glance, a ductless mini split system looks like it has plenty in common with a window unit AC. If you walk into a room cooled by a ductless system, you’ll see a small blower on the wall (usually mounted over a window) with controls on it that blows air straight into the room. It resembles a window AC, except it’s smaller and doesn’t protrude through to the outside.

However, the only real similarity between a ductless AC and window AC is that both provide point cooling, with fans in the units sending air straight into the room instead of through a duct network. But the ductless AC is a split system with a separate outdoor cabinet that connects to the indoor blower through refrigerant, condensate, and power lines. The outdoor unit takes care of exhausting heat to the outside, and it can serve multiple blowers set around the house. Where a window unit air conditioner serves one room and one room only, a ductless system is a central air conditioning system that can see to the cooling need of a whole house.

Aside from this convenience, ductless systems have other major advantages over window units. They run much quieter because the compressor is located outside in a separate cabinet. They are also far more energy efficient, even beating out standard central air conditioners. Finally, they simply look more attractive than window units—and you don’t have to lose use of your windows!

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