Does Your Ductless Mini Split Need Repairs?

Ductless air conditioning is a great alternative to standard central ACs for a home that doesn’t have the room for ductwork. Ductless air conditioning is also helpful for add-on rooms or for supplying cooling to areas of a home that are otherwise difficult to keep comfortable.

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If you’re already enjoying the benefits of a ductless AC, either as a whole-house cooling system or for only a few rooms, you may at some point run into a malfunction. It can be something as small as water leaks from one of the indoor air handlers units, or something as big as the air conditioner refusing to turn on at all. Below we’ve listed some of the more common troubles a ductless AC might run into that will require repairs.

Important: When your ductless split system isn’t doing its job, you’ll feel tempted to grab a step ladder and try to fiddle with one of the wall-mounted units yourself, or go to the outdoor unit and open it up to see if you can spot the trouble. Please leave this work to our professionals! Ductless mini splits give the appearance of being simple, but they aren’t! If you need air conditioning repair in Mesa, AZ or the surrounding areas, contact us.

The outdoor unit fan isn’t running

If you notice you aren’t getting any cooling from the indoor air handlers even though their fans turn on, check on the outdoor unit to see if its fan is running. During the intense heat we experience in an Arizona summer, the capacitors responsible for starting the fan motor and keeping it running can lose their ability to hold an electrical charge and fail. Failed capacitors will need to be replaced. The problem might be in the fan motor itself, which is another job you’ll need our technicians to fix.

Poor cooling from indoor units

If the motors of both the indoor units and the outdoor unit are running, but you notice a drop in cooling power from one or more of the indoor units, the likely cause is refrigerant leaks. Loss of refrigerant anywhere in a ductless mini split will affect the entire system; it reduces its ability to absorb and release heat. Worse, the heat pump is designed to run at a specific level of refrigerant (known as the system’s charge), and if this drops the change in pressure in the system will lead to catastrophic damage to the compressor. You’ll need our professionals to find the leaks, seal them, and then recharge the refrigerant.

An indoor unit is leaking water

If you notice water dripping from one of the wall-mounted units, or you see signs of what appear to be water damage around where the unit is attached to the wall, call us for repairs immediately. Although you’re probably accustomed to seeing window units drip water from the outside, this should not be happening with a ductless mini split. The condensate that collects in one of indoor units is supposed to be removed through a drain hose out the back of the unit and through the wall. If the unit isn’t draining properly, it not only endangers operation, the water damage could cause the unit to tear away from the wall.

An indoor unit won’t respond to remote control

The indoor units of a ductless system are operated through remotes (you don’t want to have to get out a ladder out each time you need to adjust one of the units!). If the remote no longer is able to change the settings on the mini split—and you’ve already checked to make sure the remote has fresh batteries—then there may be an electric issue or power supply problem that requires our experts to investigate.

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