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7 Reasons this is the best deal in AZ on a new A/C & Heating System


Purchase a qualifying new air conditioning & heating system from popular brands like Mitsubishi, Trane, Lennox, Bosch & Goodman and choose the financing plan that’s right for you! Options include:

  • No Money Down & No Interest for 18-months


  • Up to 84-months with APR’s as low as 3.99%


  • Lower Your Monthly Payment Plans.

You choose which one is right for you!*


PLUS: 2-Years Maintenance FREE

PLUS:  2-Years Labor Warranty FREE

PLUS: Up to 12-Years Parts Warranty FREE*

We’re confident when you purchase a new HVAC System from us, you’ll be so pleased; you’ll tell your friends, family, coworkers and neighbors about us! In fact, that’s exactly how we’ve earned the stellar reputation we have after serving Arizona clients for almost a quarter century!

Of course, all of our installations come with our exclusive: 

Lifetime Workmanship Guarantee


5-Star Service Guarantee!

Why are we “giving away the farm”? It’s simple, we have our long-time clients and this community to thank for decades of success. We’ve started an initiative we call #MagicTogether to share acts of kindness we see in our community. In cooperation with our financing partners, suppliers, and manufacturers, we’ve negotiated not only these great repayment terms for our customers, but also confidence in knowing your family’s comfort, air quality, and utility bills won’t be an added worry …for years!

No thanks to COVID-19, we know most of us will be spending a lot more time in our homes. That means higher power usage and longer run times for our air conditioning & heating systems. The idea of your old air conditioners breaking down in the Arizona heat only makes the uncertainty of an unreliable A/C system that much more worrisome.

In uncertain times like these, we could all use some comfort, assurances, guarantees and frankly some cushion on unplanned expenses. We put this deal together for you and your family as out way of helping our community who’ve always been there for us! #MagicTogether

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