The Benefits of Heating Your Pool with a Pool Heat Pump

The sun here in Phoenix does an excellent job of warming up outdoor pools. This is an example of solar energy working at its most direct. But we can’t always count on the sun to heat up our pools—especially for people who enjoy using their pools in the evenings and use them as a center for entertaining at nights. Getting the most use out a pool requires having a pool heater of some type to provide heat when the sun isn’t around to do the job.

The most common type of pool heater is gas-powered. But homeowners who are interested in alternatives to using a gas pool heater—usually because their house doesn’t have access to a gas line—often have a pool heat pump installed, which uses the technology of the home heat pump and applies it to a pool. If you have a pool heat pump, you can entrust any repair or maintenance service it may need to our technicians.

The Heat Pump Basics

When you hear the term heat pump used, it often refers to an indoor comfort system that many homes use for cooling and heating. A heat pump operates much like an air conditioner: it circulates refrigerant from one set of coils to the other, transporting heat with it. The heat pump can switch the direction it works so that it either moves heat outside of a home (cooling mode) or moves it into a home (heating mode). This is an efficient comfort system, especially in heating mode, because it doesn’t require burning fuel to create heat. Instead it uses electrical power to move heat, which drains less energy.

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The Heat Pump Used for a Pool

Heat pumps can be used to apply heat energy to water as well as air, and this is the way a pool heat pump works. The system absorbs heat from the ambient air (there’s always sufficient heat in our climate) using refrigerant, and then transports this heat to a heat exchanger, which releases the heat near the pool pump as the water circulates. Because a pool heat pump works much the same way as an air conditioner or indoor heat pump, it takes skilled HVAC technicians to repair and service it should it malfunction.

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